Break Free from Binge Eating & Find Peace with Food - God's Way

"I used to feel like a prisoner to binge eating. But Kim's course helped me identify my triggers, manage my emotions, and finally break free. Now, I enjoy food and feel confident in my body."

Cheryl Nolan

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Break Free from Binge Eating and Find Peace in your Body and Soul

Is binge eating stealing your joy and peace?  You are not alone. Millions struggle with this battle, as I once did. As a child of God, I knew He loved me and wanted more for me than the mental blackouts, guilt, and health destruction that binge eating brought. 

I felt hopeless, like a prisoner to my emotions and cravings, afraid I was destroying myself with a knife and a fork.

However, there is hope!

You can reclaim control, develop a healthy relationship with food, and finally break free. Through the simple, faith-based techniques in this online course, you'll learn to:

  • Silence the negative voices that trigger binges and discover the peace God desires for you.
  • Manage stress, anxiety, and depression with proven tools, so you don't turn to food for comfort.
  • Identify and replace your trigger foods with nourishing choices that fuel your body and spirit.
  • Break the cycle of emotional eating and develop a healthy, God-honoring relationship with food.

Join me, Kim Taylor, on this transformative journey of getting free from binge eating God's way!

About Kimberly Taylor

  • A former 240-pound binge eater, I understand your pain and the power of God's healing.
  • Featured in Prevention Magazine, Charisma Magazine, and CBN's 'The 700 Club,' my methods have helped countless others find freedom.
  • Let's walk this healing journey together, based on experience from believers who understand the  struggle.

Introducing...The 'How to Stop Binge Eating' Online Course

"Kim's course is a lifesaver! It helped me examine my thinking and behaviors without condemning myself, learn healthy coping skills, and finally find peace with God, food, and myself." 

Andrea Edgehill

How this Course will Help You Break Free of Binge Eating


Module 1: Preparing to Change

  • Discover your unique journey through inspiring stories and self-reflection exercises.
  • Learn about the 5 stages of change and identify where you stand in your transformation.

Module 2: Awareness

  • Uncover the emotional states that trigger your binges and learn to recognize them before they take hold.
  • Master the difference between physical and emotional hunger, so you choose food wisely.
  • Track your patterns and identify the foods that tempt you most, giving you the power to make informed choices.

Module 3: Action

  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, anger, and boredom, replacing emotional eating with God's peace.
  • Learn powerful techniques to manage physical and mental tension, creating a calm and grounded space within.
  • Begin to heal from deeper emotional wounds that may be fueling your binges, experience true forgiveness, and move forward in your purpose.

Module 4: Life Beyond Binge Eating

  • Celebrate your progress and learn to embrace small steps as stepping stones to lasting change.
  • Create a balanced life that nourishes your spirit, body, and relationships, fulfilling your potential in God's grace.

Plus, enjoy valuable bonuses!


Enroll now and receive these bonuses within the course

  • Stress assessments and emotion flowcharts to deepen your understanding and tailor your journey.
  • Inspiring scripture verses and prayers to guide you every step of the way.
  • Lifetime access to revisit the course and resources anytime, ensuring continued support and growth.

My Personal Note 

I believe that God led you here for a reason. You can end the anguish of binge eating and step into the new life He desires for you. Let's walk this healing journey together, one prayer, one bite, one victory at a time.

Don't wait another day. Claim your freedom from binge eating and discover the joy of food as God intended.

Remember, you're not alone. Get support and encouragement from someone who has been there on your journey to wholeness.

Join us now and get free of binge eating - starting today.


  • Return to the course to review as often as you like at your comfort and convenience
  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • Bonus lesson resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
Star Ratings 5 Stars

Karen Quinn

"This is an excellent well delivered and presented course which will provide the tools for anyone wishing to defeat binge eating. There is an excellent mix of video and written content with several extra materials for students that enhance the course. Kimberly provides excellent support and encouragement throughout, her enthusiasm and knowledge provides a strong motivator to complete the course. The course is about the right length and is excellent value for money."


Specialty Course - Lifetime Access