Member Stories

Enjoy our collection of  TBYT Member stories in which they share their challenges, what they have learned, and how TBYT is helping them to change from the inside out. From these interviews, you will discover that you are not alone in your struggles.

Progress is our goal as we celebrate the work the Lord is doing in and through us!

Christine Grafitti: "Willingness to Commit"

Christine Grafitti attributes her weight loss success to 3 words. Learn what those words are and get her tips about how she leveraged the TBYT resources to accomplish her goals.

Leisa Wilkins: The Heart of the Matter

Need some encouragement? Get ready to get your spirit charged up! Leisa Wilkins shared so many great wisdom nuggets in this video.

You will lift up your hands in praise as you listen to her inspiring story and words of encouragement!

Karen Demers: Freedom from Diets

In this interview, Karen Demers shared the following praise report: ''Now I am walking more and more in the freedom of no dieting...Freedom is what I wanted, received, rejoice in Jesus. I give God the glory for the blessings of TBYT."

How did she get free from the bondage of diets and obtain food freedom? Find out in her enlightening story.

Leah Carolan: New Energy and Identity

A desire to keep up with her little ones motivated Leah to change her weight and health. However after her success, her old identity as a ''fat girl'' came knocking to try to discourage her!

Discover the words the Lord spoke to Leah that gave her a ''mindset reset'' and a new identity in Him. 

Janeen Lawson: Emotional Eating Victory

Struggling with emotional eating? Check out my interview with Take Back Your Temple member Janeen Lawson about how she is overcoming with God's help.

Article Janeen mentions in the Interview: Your Body but God's Temple

Sandra DaCosta: Going to the Next Level

Get inspired to go to the next level from my interview with TBYT member Sandy DaCosta. Let's have a Happy New YOU!

Taris Partee: Never Give Up

Thinking about quitting on your weight loss journey? Not today! Take Back Your Temple member Taris Partee has some powerhouse words to keep you motivated.

Michele Morris: Victory Over Compulsive Overeating

If you've ever struggled with compulsive overeating, you get hope for overcoming it from Take Back Your Temple member Michele Morris. Michele renewed her mind with God's word.

Shana Green: Getting Off the Diet Rollercoaster

Tired of losing weight and gaining back more weight? Learn a critical truth from Take Back Your Temple member Shana Green about how to get off the diet rollercoaster.

Elizabeth Young: Honoring your Body as God's Temple

Learn how Take Back Your Temple member Elizabeth Young broke free of eating issues through getting a revelation of God's love and herself as His temple.

Susan Sharpless: Glorifying God Together

Check out my interview with TBYT Member Susan Sharpless as she shares how having the support of other like-minded people has made all the difference in her weight loss journey!

Mary Lou Moad: Deliverance from Food Addiction

TBYT member Mary Lou Moad shares her story about deliverance from food addiction and the heart change that made all the difference in her journey.

Denise Varga: Weight Loss Inspiration

I interviewed Take Back Your Temple member and author Denise Varga about her weight loss journey and her motivation to stay on course.

Have a victory story to share? If you are interested in becoming a future TBYT member interviewee, please send me a private message in the Facebook group!

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