Restore your Body as God's Temple

Heal negative emotions, enjoy food freedom, and secure a healthy weight God's way.

Does this sound familiar?

  • "I eat when I’m sad, want comfort, or stressed."
  • "I know what I need to do to lose weight, but as soon as I'm stressed, I am back to using food to dull the pain."
  • "I want to see my body as a healthy temple but feel trapped in a negative cycle."

When starting a diet, have you ever thought: 'I'll eat this way until I lose weight, then I'll go back to eating my old way''?

That is the Diet Mentality in action!

Same old thinking

Here is a revelation:  Diets only consider your outside; for lasting change, you need a change of heart and mind on the inside; without it, you will regain any weight you lose.

Introducing...The Take Back Your Temple Weight Loss Program 

Our program helps is about restoration from the inside out:

Overcomers Community

Get support in our private, online community from someone whose been there - Certified Life Coach Kimberly Taylor, who is engaged actively in our community.

Online Courses

Reach a healthy weight with our exclusive 5-step A.R.I.S.E process, manage stress, and break sugar addiction. Includes downloadable meal plan, guides, and checklists for focus and consistency.

Inspirational Resources

Find daily inspiration when you need it with over 70 devotional/audio messages, including:

  • The Weight Loss Prayers
  • Weight Loss Scriptures
  • Anxiety Relief Scriptures
  • Smart Steps to Weight Loss
  • Psalm Therapy

What Happens After I Join?

1. Start with your Course Roadmap.

When you join, you will receive your username and password to login to the private TBYT Overcomers Community. The Course Roadmap gives you guidance on how to start; of course, you are free to proceed through the courses/resources in your own time and at your own pace to get results.

Course Roadmap 12162019

2. Complete the 'Healthy Weight Loss God's Way' course.

This foundation course walks you through our exclusive 5-step A.R.I.S.E. process for permanent weight loss one step at a time while keeping God first. It includes the 'Feel Good Meal plan' plus downloadable resources and checklists to keep you focused and consistent. 

Your health habits are meant to serve YOU, not you serve them.

Other specialty courses are included in the program to help you overcome specific challenges, such as the: 

  • 14-day Sugar Detox Challenge
  • Overcoming Stress Eating Challenge
  • Overcoming Night Eating Challenge
  • Secrets to Always Answered Prayer
  • BONUS COURSE: Mindset Reset for Weight Loss Boot Camp

3. Get Ongoing Support in our Overcomers Community

  • Group Coaching and Support
  • Prayer requests
  • Scheduled LIVE Zoom Sessions
  • Group challenges

Share your journey to victory with fellow believers in Jesus who understand your struggle in our world-wide, private online community.


Member Success Stories

At the beginning of January, I weighed 55 pounds more. I could hardly run half a mile without stabbing pains in my chest and having to stop. Tonight I only stopped because of time, not discomfort. I’m amazed by how Take Back Your Temple has transformed my life!

Shannon Hanson

I bless God for leading me here and for the shed pounds along the way. I’m proud to say that I am down 49 lbs...My visit with my doctor in October proved that diabetes can be reversed. She said, 'Your A1C was excellent. You are NO LONGER DIABETIC, I will have to see you every six months only.' That was music to my ears.”

Frankie Crowley

It is almost 5 years since I decided to take care of myself. My online search led me to you and your whole body program, body, soul and spirit. I am thankful – it was the right choice for me.

Sue Ellis

Hi, I'm Kim and I Get it.

Hi, I'm Kim - happy to meet you! I'm a Certified Life Coach, former Registered Nurse, Amazon best-selling author, and developer of the Take Back Your Temple weight loss program.

But those are not the most important facts about me: I have been in your shoes and I understand!

I was once 240 pounds, a size 22, and in bondage to emotional eating. Unconsciously, I believed the enemy's lies which oppressed me.

However one day, God revealed the truth about permanent weight loss to me. I gained freedom on my own successful weight loss journey beginning December 11, 2003. I lost 85 pounds, dropping from a size 22 to a size 8.

I feel healthier now in my 50s than I did in my 30s!

As God's children, why should we settle for less than His best for us?

God's way to change is from the inside out, renewing your heart and mind. That is why it works.


Discover if the Take Back Your Temple Program is Right for You

Before you join, please answer the 3 questions below. Those who can answer "Yes" to the questions are the best fit for the program. 

Why do we ask these Confidence questions upfront? Because we want you to have confidence that the Take Back Your Temple program is a wise investment for your health, healing, and well-being from the start.

Please pray and then either click/tap the 'Yes' or 'No' answers below to get instant feedback about what you need to succeed.

1. Do you believe that God loves you, have accepted Jesus as your Savior, and believe in His Word?


Excellent - you have already made the wisest decision any one can make in life! Take Back Your Temple helps Believers in Jesus overcome emotional eating and weight loss barriers in a community of others who understand the struggle.


Because the Take Back Your Temple program is for Believers in Jesus, it is important that TBYT members believe in Him and the power of His word. Therefore, Take Back Your Temple is not yet the best fit for you at this time.

To learn more about establishing a relationship with God, we recommend the following resource:


2. Do you believe you can change with God's help, one step at a time and one day at a time?


Terrific! Your belief that you can change with God's help, plus having strong, heart-felt reasons to change for yourself, your life purpose, and your loved ones will help you stay committed on your weight loss journey when challenges come.


Your belief that you can change with God's help and having strong, heart-felt reasons to change not only for yourself but for your purpose, and your loved ones are critical to helping you stay the course on the journey. Without them, you will give up and quit when challenges come.

3. Are you comfortable using the Internet, such as with video and audio training, navigating a website, and communicating with others online?


Excellent! Our program works best for those who feel comfortable using the Internet, such as with video/audio training, navigating a website, and communicating with others online.


We respect your honesty. However, because our online courses and private support group are online, then the Take Back Your Temple program is not the right fit for you at this time if you are uncomfortable using a computer or mobile device, with online learning, or communicating with others online.

Thank you for answering the Confidence questions. If you answered 'Yes' to all 5 questions in the assessment, then Congratulations - the Take Back Your Temple program should be a great fit for you!

Click 'Join Us' to select your best membership option below.

ONE Month (30-Day) access ONLY



What You'll Get With TBYT Overcomers Community Access

  • Group coaching in our Overcomers community from someone whose been there - Certified Life Coach Kimberly Taylor, who is engaged actively in our community.
  • Believers in Jesus who are committed to overcoming emotional eating issues and reaching the best weight for them to support you to success.
  • 31-day Feel Good Meal plan (inside of the Healthy Weight Loss God's Way course) to reach your ideal weight with foods that taste good and increase your energy.
  • Online video courses to help you lose weight, manage stress, and break sugar addiction.
  • A combined 16 hours of video and audio training in our online courses .
  • Downloadable companion guides and checklists to help you stay focused and consistent.
  • 24/7 access to all materials online
  • Learn at your pace and your convenience
  • Bonuses: Inspirational Audio/Devotionals: Get instant access to over 70 devotional/audio messages, to keep you inspired on your weight loss journey.

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