Change from the Inside Out

Heal your relationship with food and reach a healthy weight God's way. Join the Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) Christian weight loss community for support to overcome.

 "Is Emotional Eating Your Struggle, Too?

Many people struggle with food. They eat when they're sad, stressed, or just want to feel better. Does that sound familiar?

You're not alone!

Diets don't work for long because they only focus on what you eat. To change for good, you need healing for your heart and mind too.

Same old thinking

The Take Back Your Temple Christian Weight Loss Community helps you grow stronger in your faith, find peace, and feel inspired about the person God created you to be. 

With the right support, you can lose weight and learn what it takes to keep it off for good. 

Introducing...The Take Back Your Temple Christian Weight Loss Community 

Join people who understand what you're going through:

Overcomers Community

  • Talk with other Christians who are on the same healing journey. 
  • Kim, the group's guide, is active in this community too.

Online Courses

  • Learn how to lose weight and keep it off in a way that strengthens your faith. 
  • You'll get meal plans, tips on handling stress and sugar cravings, and other helpful tools.
a collage of different foods

Inspirational Resources

  • Get daily prayers, Bible verses, and advice to keep you going through:
  • The Weight Loss Prayers
  • Weight Loss Scriptures
  • Anxiety Relief Scriptures
  • Smart Steps to Weight Loss
  • Psalm Therapy

What Makes Take Back Your Temple Different?

The Take Back Your Temple Community is different because it helps you change from the inside out. It's not just about the food you eat, but your thoughts, feelings, and faith too. 

What Happens After I Join?

   When you join the Take Back Your Temple Community, here is what to expect: 

  1. You'll get a plan to follow, but you can go at your own pace. After all, your health habits are meant to serve YOU, not you serve them.
  2. You'll take an online course that teaches you how to lose weight in a healthy way.
  3. You'll get support from other members in the online community along the way.

Real People, Real Results

Read stories of people who have lost weight, gotten healthier, and feel better overall with the help of Take Back Your Temple.

At the beginning of January, I weighed 55 pounds more. I could hardly run half a mile without stabbing pains in my chest and having to stop. Tonight I only stopped because of time, not discomfort. I’m amazed by how Take Back Your Temple has transformed my life!

Shannon Hanson

I bless God for leading me here and for the shed pounds along the way. I’m proud to say that I am down 49 lbs...My visit with my doctor in October proved that diabetes can be reversed. She said, 'Your A1C was excellent. You are NO LONGER DIABETIC, I will have to see you every six months only.' That was music to my ears.”

Frankie Crowley

It is almost 5 years since I decided to take care of myself. My online search led me to you and your whole body program, body, soul and spirit. I am thankful – it was the right choice for me.

Sue Ellis

Meet Kim, your Guide


Hi, I'm Kimberly Taylor, Christian life coach, former Registered Nurse (R.N.) and author/guide of the Take Back Your Temple Community.

I used to be 240 pounds and know what it's like to struggle with food and negative emotions. But with God's help, I lost 85 pounds and have kept it off. 

Now, I want to support you in finding the same freedom so you can feel and function your best every day. In that way, you can give your best to your friends and family, enjoy your life, and live with purpose. 

God's way to change is from the inside out, starting with  your heart and mind. That is why it works.


Is the TBYT Community Right for Me?

Confidence Questions

Before you join, please consider the 3 confidence questions below. Why do we ask? Because we want you to have confidence that joining the Take Back Your Temple Community is a wise investment for your health, healing, and well-being.

Please pray and then ask:

  1. Do I believe in God and Jesus as my Savior?
  2. Do I believe I can change with God's help?
  3. Am I comfortable using the internet?

Thank you for considering the Confidence questions. If you answered 'Yes' to all 3 questions, then Congratulations the Take Back Your Temple weight loss community should be a great fit for you!

What You'll Get With TBYT Weight Loss Community Access

  • Connect with a community of believers facing similar challenges. 
  • Meal plan (inside of the Healthy Weight Loss God's Way course) to reach your ideal weight with foods that taste good and increase your energy.
  • Online video courses to help you lose weight, manage stress, and break sugar addiction.
  • Downloadable companion guides and checklists to help you stay focused and consistent.
  • Learn at your pace and your convenience
  • Bonuses: Inspirational Audio/Devotionals: Receive over 70 faith-based messages for ongoing inspiration. Find encouragement and guidance throughout your weight loss journey.

Select your best Community/course option below to join.

Take Back Your Temple Community

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