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Experience Peace, Joy, and Emotional Self-Control through the Power of God's Word 

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Regain Eating Self-Control and Learn Godly Ways to Manage your Emotions

Freedom from Negative Emotions Starts Here

Do negative emotions threaten to overwhelm you? Through the power of God’s word, they do not have to overcome you. You need Psalm Therapy

Whether you are struggling with abandonment, anger, anxiety, doubt, or fear, you will find people to whom you can relate in the book of Psalm.

In Psalm Therapy: Healing Negative Emotions God's Way you will learn how to work through negative emotions so that you can come out on the other side victorious. You will find scriptural encouragement to overcome negative self-talk and self-image too.

You can overcome negative emotions through the power of God’s word! 

Just give yourself some Psalm Therapy.

What you'll Learn in the Book

God created you to live in joy in Him, no matter what you have experienced in your past or outward circumstances in the present. He has great plans for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future.

Now is your time to break through to the abundant life He has for you, without negative emotions and limiting beliefs getting in the way.

In the Psalm Therapy book, you will learn:

  • The promise the Lord makes for healing hurting people (see page 1) 
  • Why God's way of transformation works (see page 2)
  • How to let Jesus into your private world to receive emotional healing (see page 7)
  • The #1 question to ask yourself to expose the lying thoughts that bind you (see page 11)
  • The way to give yourself a reality check if you feel God has abandoned you (see page 23)
  • The best way to gain strength in the midst of painful feelings (page 25) 
  • How to express anger but not sin (see page 29)
  • The shocking statistic about the relationship between unforgiveness and cancer (see page 32)
  • Why peace and joy are yours as a gift from Jesus (see page 34)
  • Comfort when the wicked seem to prosper (page 38)
Kim Taylor Then and Now

Kimberly Taylor

About the Author

Kimberly Taylor is a certified Christian life coach and author of the Take Back Your Temple Christian weight loss program. She is a former Registered Nurse who has a heart to help others struggling with negative emotions, eating disorders and weight loss.

Once 240 pounds, she can testify of God's goodness and healing power to overcome. She lost 85 pounds and dropped from a size 22 to a size 8 as a result of combatting the enemy's lies with the truth of God's word.

Kimberly's success story was featured on CBN's The 700 Club, Prevention Magazine, Essence Magazine, and Charisma Magazine.


What you are Getting

I’ve created a book that you can download for instant access (or paperback, if you prefer)You can read it in an afternoon.

I suffered from depression for years, which led to binge eating and weight gain. I felt like I was in a dark tunnel and could not see light. However, the Lord met me where I was and shared the healing power of His word.

Through this book, you will discover stories from the Bible in which God's people dealt with real pain and emotions. Through them, you will see how to handle emotions in ways that honor God. You will get real-world wisdom that will help you to put your emotions in proper perspective, improve your relationships, and take hold of the abundant life the Lord wants you to have. 

When you take Psalm Therapy, you can overcome your fears and withstand life pressures so that you can finish your race well in the Lord and achieve your purpose in Him. 

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Kimberly Taylor My prayer is that you will take the information in this book and use it to live the abundant life our Lord died to give you and inspire others to do the same!



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"Psalm Therapy: Healing Negative Emotions God's Way" is an exceptionally timed book written for such a time as this. In a day and age where negative emotions overwhelms many of our hearts, Kimberly Taylor skillfully embraces the sole solution - God's unchanging and unquestionable Word. She eloquently and rightfully refers to the book of Psalms which is labeled as the "Ultimate Comfort" for such negative emotions.

It is there that this book reveals endless solutions to negative emotions like lying thoughts, false abandonment, and unrighteous anger. Taylor combine her powerful testimonies and God's Word to prove that through Christ Jesus we can truly do all things - including overcoming negative emotions and replacing such negativity for His infinite and compassionate love for us."

Lordess Shabazz

What Else you Get in the Book

It's not enough to get free from negative emotions; you need to stay free! See what else you'll learn in the book so you can finally experience peace, even during trying times.

  • Words from King David on what to focus on to combat anxiety (see page 39)
  • 5 questions to revive your Spirit when you are feeling down (see page 43)
  • What to do when feelings overwhelm you (see page 45)
  • The 1 Question to ask yourself when you are feeling discouraged (see page 46)
  • God's vision for His people (See page 51)
  • The benefits that belong to you through prayer (see page 54)
  • The "emergency scripture" you can always call on when you are afraid (see page 59)
  • God's unbreakable promises to those who set their love upon Him (See page 63)
  • Why the Lord provides a place of refuge for us in the midst of trouble  (see page 70)
  • Why we must beware of how emotions can distort reality (see page 87)
  • The Psalms that nurture positive emotions (see page 98-107)

Psalm Therapy 

In this concise book, you will receive immediate wisdom to overcome negative emotional bondage. Discover how to manage your emotions God's way and break mental strongholds so that you can regain peace and obtain God's purpose for you. 

Download - $10 Regular price  Today's Price - $7

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Kimberly Taylor My prayer is that you will take the information in this book and use it to live the abundant life our Lord died to give you and inspire others to do the same!



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