Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy for Full One-Time Payment

We desire that every Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) program member have the best experience possible.

We offer a 14 day refund on the FULL one-time payment option ONLY with no questions asked and no explanation needed.

We realize that the Take Back Your Temple Program may not be a good fit for everyone which is why we offer a “One-Month” Membership so that a prospective member can enjoy ALL of the resources and  convert the one-month membership to a Full Lifetime Membership at a reduced price. (The conversion is available for the “ONE-MONTH MEMBERSHIP” ONLY and NOT for the 4PAY option.

If you discover that the Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) program is not a fit for you and you paid the “one-time” payment in full, simply use the Contact Us form to email us to request a refund within 14 days of your registration.

We will issue you a prompt refund, your lifetime membership will be cancelled, and you will lose access to the Take Back Your Temple program resources.

PLEASE understand that we may not be able to extend a refund past the fourteen days as the funds will be committed to maintaining the TBYT platform.

4PAY (The FULL fee split into Four consecutive monthly payments)

When using the 4Pay option (4 small monthly payments), NO refund shall be offered for payments that have already been processed.

However if you discover that the Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) program is not a fit for you, then you may cancel at any time during your 4 consecutive monthly payments schedule; no further payments will be processed on your credit/debit card.

Please Note: By failing to make all FOUR uninterrupted split payments consecutively, your Lifetime Membership with the Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) program will be canceled automatically.