Spiritual Secrets of Weight Loss Motivation Audio Program

ist1_486752-lost-a-lot-of-weight - CopyMy new downloadable audio program 7 Spiritual Secrets of Weight Loss Motivation was written with you in mind – a person who wants to reach her ideal size and live better, but is frustrated by being unable to achieve lasting weight loss results.


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Here are just a few more “secrets” you’ll learn in the downloadable audio program:

  • Discover how identify and blast through limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Many people think they will succeed with weight loss if only they have the right diet, but are fooled into making a major mistake. Make certain you don’t fall into this trap with this simple change in your mindset.
  • A simple “mental movie” technique that Olympic athletes use to literally program themselves for success.
  • See why this common fear can cause you to sabotage yourself even without knowing it – and how you can stop this fear in its tracks.
  • Problems with your body image? Learn a foolproof strategy to love the body you’ve been blessed with to make it easier to reach your ideal size


7 Spiritual Secrets of  Weight Loss Motivation Downloadable Audio Program

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