3. Invest in Slimming Foods that Satisfy


Prepare to be shocked with the next video! If you’ve ever wondered why food cravings have a hold on you, this news report shows you how the food industry creates foods to have addictive properties deliberately.



Action Steps

  • Eat protein-rich breakfast in right amount daily
  • Eat protein, complex carb, and vegetable balanced lunch in right amount daily
  • Eat protein and vegetable balanced dinner in right amount daily
  • Eat 2 protein-rich snacks maximum daily
  • Remove or replace foods that hijack your brain
  • Track daily eating using the LoseIt app (or method of your choice)


How To Resources

Click here to access the following from your Download Library:

  • Take Back Your Temple eBook, Invest in Slimming Foods that Satisfy chapter
  • The Feel Good Meal Plan and Recipe Collection eBook

The Hidden Reason you Overeat article

3 Hidden Reasons you Gain Weight article

Using the LoseIt App

I recommend getting a writing journal or get a free account at Evernote.com so you can write about your daily victories and challenges. You can gain awareness on good days and even the tough days. With awareness, you can repeat those things you are doing well and learn when you make mistakes. Your goal is to keep moving forward.

Be blessed in health, healing, and wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor
Author of the Take Back Your Temple program