My testimony (Cliffs Notes version)

By Kimberly Taylor

I attended a seminar last week called ‘Tell it Like it Is’, which taught how to testify with impact. The instructor walked us through the process of creating a brief testimony and I thought I would share mine with you today:

Where I was

I was a Christian, but I wasn’t living in victory. I was nearly 100 pounds overweight, and felt defeated, depressed, and discouraged. To cope with those feelings, I ate. Food became my god, lover, and friend. I knew that I was killing myself with a knife and fork, but felt powerless to stop it.

My experience meeting Jesus

One day, I got up from the sofa too fast and experienced a crushing chest pain. It only lasted a second, but the pain terrified me. God spoke to me in that second: “It is not supposed to be this way.” I chose to believe Him and my life changed.

Where I am now

God invited me to trade the false security of food for real security with Him. He is now my God, lover, and friend. I walk with Him daily. I am no longer defeated, depressed, and discouraged, but am filled with His love, His peace, and His joy. I no longer abuse food and have lost 80 lbs so far.

Where I hope to be

God is still working to help me achieve my ideal weight and to cultivate spiritual fruit within me. At times, I still struggle with temptations for destructive foods, but I am winning this battle by strengthening my faith in Him daily. God has promised me an abundant life and assures me that I can do all things through Christ. I boldly claim and confess those promises every day.

Kimberly Taylor

About the author

Kimberly Taylor has a heart to encourage others struggling with emotional eating and weight loss. Once 240 pounds and a size 22 herself, she can testify of God’s goodness and healing power to overcome. She dropped over 85 pounds through renewing her mind with Biblical principles.

  • Hi Kim your story appears to be my story except I haven;t reached victory yet in this area, I am hoping by viewing your site and receiving the encouragement that I can be victorious in this area. I have had so many ups and downs with my weight it is overwhelming.

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