June 12

Overcoming the Skinny Idol – Interview with Barb Raveling


Barb Raveling

In this eye-opening audio interview, guest author Barb Raveling shares how to maintain balance in our weight loss goals and avoid it devolve into an idolatrous pursuit.

Barb is the author of several books including Taste for Truth: A 30-Day Weight Loss Bible Study, I Deserve a Donut, and many others.

Barb blogs and podcasts about breaking free from strongholds and growing closer to God at barbraveling.com.


In the interview, Barb answers such questions as:

  • What is a ‘Skinny idol’?
  • What are 5 questions someone can ask themselves to determine if they might have a Skinny Idol?
  • Why is important to confront idols in our lives – Skinny or otherwise
  • How do you balance wanting to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, but not have it become an idolatrous pursuit?

Barb’s Questions to Help Determine if you Have a Skinny Idol

  1. Do you obsess over weight loss boundaries or constantly think of changing your boundaries?
  2. Do you weigh yourself more than once a day?
  3. Do you exercise too much?
  4. Do you feel like you can’t be happy unless you’re skinny or that if you just lose weight then everything in your life will fall into place?
  5. Do you spend lots of time online looking at articles on weight loss, diets, or exercise strategies?
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  • I’ve identified the skinny idol in my life, which for me is accompanied by a beauty idol e.g obsessively following worldy fashion and beauty standards. This one has me spending lots of time money chasing beauty because I believe I’m not beautiful. This started early in life because I was constantly being told by the other kids that I was ugly and my parents never told me I was beautiful. I’ve put my own inability to accept myself over God’s truths. I’m trying to learn how to let go of both of these idols.

  • Overcoming the skinny idol means that you eat healthy, exercise and do your best to maintain good health. It means that you glorify God in the way that you eat and what you put in your body because our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit.

    So whether we lose weight or not we will not despair or give up. Being skinny will not be the highest goal and even if we never lose weight. Our aim was not to just be skinny but our plan is to Not give in to the spirit and the sin of gluttony. And to glorify God not only by how much we eat but by what we eat too. Avoiding toxic foods that poison than nourish and heal our bodies.

    Ultimately we want to avoid the Skinny idol. But aim to show self control and restraint and temperance in the way we eat. And be an example even in how we eat. To nourish our temple and heal our bodies in our food choices .

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