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Welcome to the Stirring Words podcast, where Christian health and fitness experts Kimberly Taylor & Judi Ulrey explore God's Wisdom on wellness, sharing insight from Biblical scriptures and practical experience to inspire you to abundant life in Him.

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About your Hosts

Kimberly Taylor

Author and Christian Life Coach

Kimberly Taylor Halfshot with Before

Kimberly Taylor is the developer of the Take Back Your Temple program which teaches Christians how to win the Spiritual and emotional battles of weight loss.

She lost 85 pounds through the power of God’s word and is the author of the books The Weight Loss Scriptures, The Weight Loss Prayers, God's Word is Food and many others.

You can contact Kim at

Judi Ulrey

Author and Christian Fitness Cheerleader

Judi Ulrey

Judi Ulrey is the author of the book, ‘’Sprinkled Clean.’’ After 30 years in corporate wellness, Judi now encourages the saints to tend to their temple.

She adamantly believes the Church can create a story to bring God glory.

You can reach Judi at