Ever been unhappy about a situation, but it persisted anyway? Reaching your “Enough is enough!”

When ‘Enough is Enough’ (Christian Weight Loss)

I love Caller ID. It’s great to see who is calling in advance so you

Time to Use “Spiritual Caller ID”

A psychologist once studied people who suffered from depression and other neurotic disorders – and he

A Good News Prayer

Have you ever started doing well with a weight loss program, but then “something” happens

The Trap that Kills Weight Loss Progress

The way you experience life emotionally is based upon the story you tell yourself about life events

Quit Telling Yourself ‘Stinking Stories’

I’ve discovered that the story you tell yourself about emotional problems is what makes the difference between

One Tip to Heal Emotional Problems

I heard a statement recently that made me think: “Our five senses are the voice of our bodies.”

Things to Do Besides Eating