‘Are you Ready to Change?’ Quiz

Whenever you are seeking to reach your best weight, your mindset is the most important factor in determining your success potential.

Each person goes through 5 stages on the way to permanent change. Which stage best describes your current situation?

  1. I don’t believe I can change
  2. I’m thinking about changing
  3. I’m making plans for change
  4. I’m taking steps to change
  5.  I’ve changed and it’s part of my life

Think of change as like a ladder:  Answer #1 is the bottom rung of the ladder; Answer #5 is the top rung of the ladder – you’ve reached your goal!

Depending on where you are on the change ladder, I’ve created articles that can help you move to the next level, or if you are at the top of the ladder, how to stay there.

Just click the link above that best describes you and jump-start your faith to go to reach your best weight this year!

About the author 

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor is a certified Christian life coach and has a heart to help others struggling with emotional eating and weight loss. Once 240 pounds and a size 22, she can testify of God’s goodness and healing power to overcome. She lost 85 pounds as a result of implementing techniques to overcome emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Kim is the author of "The Take Back Your Temple Program," which teaches Christians how to take control of their weight God's way and the books "The Weight Loss Scriptures" and "The Weight Loss Prayers."

Kim has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Charisma Magazine and on CBN’s 'The 700 Club' television program.

  • I am Inez, in desperate need of Jesus’s power to set me free. Any encouragement is welcomed. You are never a failure until you give up!

  • I am ready to make the change. I feel so big for my 4’11” stature. I have started going to a weight loss center to get nutritional counseling so I select the proper foods to eat. I have list 9 pounds in 2 month, but need to lose 20. I do really good throughout the day, but about 9:00pm I start thinking about how alone I am since my Mom was put in the nursing home. She is depressed and wants to come home to the abode we have shared for 20 years. She blames me for not bringing her home but physically I cannot handle her. She has done a job on my emotions. I am depressed and start to binge eat at night. I am not picky– I will eat anything I can find…, not just a little, I will eat it all. I have Spurs on my neck that makes it very difficult to exercise. I used to walk 3 miles every day and loved it. Now, I find all sorts of reasons why I can’t walk.., I have to do Moms laundry, I have to go see her, etc.,
    I went to counceling and was told basically that once I realized that I am in charge of my own life and destiny I will stop binging. That made me more depressed and binged more. I know I have to stop binging before I can ever expect to get healthy. Since signing up for TBYT, I think the counselor was wrong. I am not in Charge…God is and He is waiting on me to ask for His help which I had not done. I have started this week to study the TBYT material and pray asking the Holy Spirit to help me and give me the strength to say “no” to that little voice telling me to go to get something to eat when I am not hungry. I am also taking Kim’s course on How to Stop Binging. I have not binged in the last 2 nights since starting this. I am sure I will fall, but like Christ I will get back up. I have logged my foods for years. I had ideal weight until this last Christmas due to logging my foods so that is old hat for me. It is the emotions I have to gain control over and I know I can do this with His help. I can do nothing without God. One problem is that I have no support system. I need someone I can talk to about this especially when I want to binge. I know support is necessary and being single and my best friend goes to bed at 6:00 pm and my. Other good friend is going through trials and tribulations of her own. I have 2 other friends but they are married and are dealing with their families. I basically feel I am on this journey alone except for God. I am open to suggestions. Thank you Kim for all this great material. I have been alone most of my life except for my mom so I feel I will make it but it would be easier with support. Thanks for letting me share.

  • First time visiting your site but it won’t be my last! Thanks so much for doing this. If you have any suggestions about how to make the most of your program, please let me know. Blessings,

  • Hello
    My name is Carol and today is my first day. After praying and seeking God for help, He led me to this information. Two day ago I had a conversation with a co-worker who just had weight loss surgery. She was telling me how wonderful it was and how much better she feels. However, as she explained her new eating restrictions and daily meals, it did not sound so wonderful to me. I know I do not want to have surgery because I do not believe it is the right solution to a lifelong problem. I have struggled with weight from the time I was 10 years old, due to emotional family situations. Over the years I have lost weight, but have never been able to keep it off. I am ready for change! I know my success depends on God, who is and always has been faithful in my life. I want to honor God in my temple and live out my purpose, which is to do the work He has called me to do. I have made a commitment to follow this program with the help of God and encouragement from everyone I will meet here. Please pray for me as I pray for everyone who is walking this same path.

  • Hi 🙂

    Thank you so much for letting God use you as a tool to help so many people take back their temples.
    Reading your encouraging posts really inspires me…you are just so very gracious in your writing and I really appreciate your kind heart.

    I went from 6 years of anorexia, to years of depressive eating after my fiancé left me, then to a year of weight gain from steroids because of a brain-fluid issue, to marriage weight-gain….and now I’m sick of it.
    My ankles swell, my feet ache, and I REALLY need to fit into the airplane seat for my 3rd church-planting trip to Kenya in July. I’m 290 pounds and I’m ready to take back my temple…the RIGHT way this time.

    I’m 2 weeks into cutting my daily calories down to 1900, drinking exactly enough water every day, cutting out simple sugars like desserts and sodas, and walking more around the office. I have also been taking some multivitamins and supplements to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients.
    I ALREADY feel better 🙂
    I can’t wait to implement some of the advice you’ve given here in your blog. I know that GOD is present in my journey to be a more fit vessel. I want to be able to do WHATEVER He calls me to do.

    Thank you for your encouragement again, it’s a blessing!
    -Katy (26 years old, from Texas)

    • I am praying for your success, Katy! Sounds like you are off to a great start. Just remember – whenever you are seeking to do good, you WILL be tested on your resolve. It sounds like you’ve got great reasons to succeed so keep reminding yourself of those reasons, which will help you stay the course when temptation to compromise or quit comes. God bless you!

  • Oh did I mention that I am 66 ? I’m strong, healthy and plan to be like Moses when in old age his eye was not dimmed nor his strength reduced!

  • Kim, thank you for your faithfulness in this your calling. I have been using TBYT program for four more months. I’m down twenty pounds. I continue to grow in grace and strength and the Word of God which is where the change comes in.
    You are a blessing to the body of Christ because you are being faithful to the calling you have. May each one of us do likewise to what we have been called for. Recently I was on a mini mission trip to Mexico, sharing the gospel with the poor. We walked door to door in very rural and rustic settings with high degrees of heat but I felt so strong physically and that was just a by product of the better eating choices and physical exercises I have been doing since I started the TBYT program.

  • I am looking forward to starting your program as I just signed up today. I’ve been a part of quite a few programs in my time. The last one was after I had my son 7 years ago and I lost about 70 pounds, but unfortunately when emotional things came back in my life I gained it all back and then some. I am now 247 lbs and 42 years old. I had even contemplated getting weight loss surgery. My sister got it last February and she was losing quite a bit of weight, but then it all back fired and she ended up dying 2 days before her 46th birthday.
    My other two sisters and I are trying to lose the healthy way and honor her. I joined the TOPS and the YMCA and am looking forward to putting my trust in God instead of food.

  • Brand new here. Got a call from my Dr. today saying the abdominal ultrasound last week showed an enlarged liver. Could be cirrhosis, but I don’t drink. The main possibility is fatty liver. He said, “Debbie, you need to get your weight under control.” So, here I am. Read the Seven Mindset Shifts today and made notes, Signed up here. Downloading the PDFs. I lost over 100 pounds a few years ago by walking and eating right, but an injury here and another one there totally sidetracked me. I haven’t gained it all back, but just about. So – here’s to starting again.

  • It is comforting to know other Christian women are going through this struggle. I know how to lose the weight but lack in the area of discipline and self control. I know my Father is just waiting for me to completely give it all to him so he can help me. My 4 year old daughter drew a picture of me and her and when I looked at it I realized how she sees me. Talk about a wake up call. I don’t want my children to be looking at me that way. I want to be their role model for all areas of their life. I am 42 and have 3 daughters and 2 step-daughters. Time for me to step up and be an example of God’s grace and power!

  • I too have been struggling with getting my diabetes 2 under control, a few weeks ago I committed to the Lord for Help! I do believe He has victory for me, yet I have no self discipline, no will power and I am beginning to wonder if I truly want this. My body says “yes you must change” but my mind says “what for”?

    Hoping this website will help me.

    • I can so relate to your post! My health is a mess, I can’t stand or walk for very long before my back is screaming. My spine is a mess and I have to get my weight under control. I am 52 years old and 300 lbs. I have an amazing husband and 4 adult kids that love me at any weight. I love the Lord and have given Him everything else in my life, I must depend on him for my weight! I am blessed to have found this site!

  • I came across this website while searching for reading materials for Christian weight loss. I believe that It is exactly what I need. I don’t need another program to tell me how to count calories, what to eat, how to exercise, etc…been there, done that. I need a program that will help me with discipline and control over my eating habits and I know that following biblical principles is the answer. Thank God for you, Sis. Kimberly and your staff.

  • Hello, my name is Gina. My best friend forwarded this website to me yesterday. I was up very late looking at all the great information. Today us day one for me. I actually have some hope about this. I am almost 52 and have been anorexic, bulimic and a yo yo dieter since I was 12. My body is tired all the time not to mention health issues. I have a beautiful active 3 yr old granddaughter who I want to be able to play with. I’m 25 pounds over weight, may not sound like much but I hurt physically. My mind is always on my weight. I want to focus on what God has for me to do, not my weight. I don’t want to compare myself to other women, I want to love them and make a difference in their lives. I don’t want to keep buying bigger clothes, losing weight, promising never to gain it back only to have to go buy bigger clothes. (Because I gave the big ones away when I lost weight) I don’t want to cry when I go in my closet. I want to focus on who God created and not what I did to that person. I am hopeful because I see this program as an answer to prayer. I look forward to getting up tomorrow, drinking my 2 cups of water that are by my bed, going to my bathroom, looking myself in the mirror and giving myself a hug. I’m an overcomer. With patience I will run this race, and WIN. I’m looking forward to making a lot of new friends here. God bless everyone.

    • Hi, I agree, I too have been on every diet known to man, I have tried pills, shakes, and bulimia. I found this site when looking for a Christian path. I am ready to take back my temple, I want what the Father has given me. Will keep you posted

      • Hi Jackie,
        It looks like you just started recently as I have. Would you be interested in praying for each other on a daily basis?

  • Hi dear Lady’s I am Aly Cheah and live I Malaysia. I have so much in common with all of you . I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have been like a yoyo after and in between giving birth to my 5 children . I am 59 years old and work with special needs children .i want to do this for many years more but know that if I do not loose an exes of 25 kg I will not be able to do this . So this is the beginning of the end of me walking around over weight .
    I believe that this will be possible . So keep me in your prayers.

  • My mother had health problems because of her weight and died when she was in her 70s (my dad lived to 95) I am physically very much like my mother – short and fat! I’m now at the age when she started being ill and desperately want to lose this weight. I am 5’2″ and nearly 170lbs

  • I am a 63 y/o retiree who lost 100 pounds several years ago through a well-known national weight loss program (tracking food and exercise, no drugs or special food, etc). I had struggled all my life with my weight, had even done another well known Christian weight loss support group, but had never had serious success. I believe during the last weight loss period, God was truly walking with me because even though it took me about two years to lose the 100 lbs., it was not that difficult. I went from 260 lbs to 156 and from a size 22-24 to a size 10. I believed I would never be fat again. I even had plastic surgery to take care of all the excess skin I had as a result of the loss. I did two triathlons and felt happier than I ever had been in my life. For the first time that I could remember, I really liked myself.

    Then life happened. Within two years, I lost my best friend, my father, my father-in-law, went through a traumatic early retirement event, and finally, moved 1800 miles across country to a beautiful location, but with no family or friends. It is our “dream” retirement, but the nightmare of weight gain returned for me. I knew I was slipping back into bad habits, i.e. not exercising enough, eating more than I should, etc. I watched the scale creep up. At each benchmark (170, 180, 190), I would tell myself, “Ok, that’s far enough, time to get back on track!” But I would fail at consistency over and over. I began to try to figure out why it was so hard to get back on track. I knew i had some unforgiveness toward the weight loss program I had been in, because once I reached “goal,” they just sort of dropped me – the meetings were all about those who were LOSING weight and those of us who had LOST the weight were not really focused on anymore. As I write that, I realize that seems so self-absorbed and immature, but I also realize I had allowed the weight loss program to be my “god” of sorts, rather than truly letting go and moving to the next stage with my One True God.

    So now, I am back up to 205 – crossed the dreaded 200 lb. mark that I swore never to cross again. I am living in a literal paradise, and am blessed beyond belief in so many ways, but this seemingly GIANT obstacle has come back into my life. I know in my head that God loves me as I am, and that He will always be there, but my heart has such trouble laying hold of that and hanging onto it. I feel like I’ve let everyone down – myself, my sweet husband, my kids, grandkids, all the friends who cheered me on during the previous weight loss, but most of all, my God. When people would ask me how I did it before, I would say, “The grace of God, – and lots of exercise and sensible eating!” I feel that folks see me now and probably wonder where the grace of God is. I have been trying for nearly a year now to break through, but have battled hopelessness and a sense of failure over and over.

    I came across TBYT while looking for weight loss devotionals on my YouVersion bible on my iPad. I am grateful to have found you. I have downloaded the materials you’ve offered and I’m praying, believing hoping that today will be the beginning of a turnaround for me, in me. I really appreciate you letting me regurgitate all the above – I’ve not really put it down on paper, so to speak, and it helps me to realize how much I need help – and that I must be ready for this change – I do not want to waste another day of life in this unhappy state. I hope to be able to come back here at some future point and post a wonderful testimony. God bless you for your work.

    • You are telling my story. I too am stuck in this vicious cycle, and even more angry, frustrated, hopeless at finding myself back up to my weight before my huge weight loss. And I too knew God was with me in my 56 lb. weight loss, but now? I am reading the promises, reading and trying to grab hold of God again. I’m not sure when I let go, but I did. Anyway, please share your journey, maybe it can inspire mine. Thanks

    • I just read your post Christie, after eating 2 pints of ice cream, again… In 2009 through a friend, I was about 200 lbs, I worked with a Naturopathic Dr and lost 85 lbs in a year. I was so hung up on the scale, I was 59 at the time, my work colleagues said I looked 20 yrs younger, and I did. I felt so respected by my kids, esp. my so , he was so proud of me. The biggest issue for me, I am single, divorced, I hate being divorced. I had NO clue, how to accept myself emotionally after I let all that weight, I bought a simple black dress, I never had one. I showed it to my son, he said you feel embarrassed to wear it mom. It was 100% modest, I was so embarrassed to look pretty! Never got compliments from my dad, I have no brothers or sisters. Now 2018 I am 240+ So much happened. I thought I was in love with someone, but they weren’t with me, I was crushed, surely with all that weight loss I could be loved. It started to creep on slowly, year by year. I got sick, lost my job lay off end of 2013. Got sicker, major surgery Oct 2014, I was like Pharoah, still not ready to change, in hospital 14 times till 2017, ca in 2016. I’m addicted, and don’t know how to accept myself or like myself if I ever do loose the weight. I’m now 67. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren, all live very far away, so I’m alone most of the time. I’m sort of involved in Church, I swim w a class, I need a job but my motivation is so low, I always make an excuse and just happen to get more ice cream. Please Lord help me want to, help my unbelief and forgive my rebellion. Heal my heart and the heart of others like me. I can’t go on much longer. I joined a weight loss group, I paid till October but am not into it. I want to join here, but I want to want to do the work. Thank you for listening. God bless you, I hope you have been successful since.

    • Hi Christi
      I can identify doesn’t matter what the weight number is we all have this demon that doesn’t want to let go no matter how far we have come.
      You! are humble open and courageous to share your story! God Bless! You! are not alone! Don’t you dare! give up! Believe! that we all here believe in you! It will get better!
      easier I don’t know! I do know! God! has brought us all here together to share! our triumphs struggles and our rising above our circumstances! We all are overcomers through

  • My name is Rachael, I am 20 years old, and I am a serious emotional eater. tTrough the stress in my childhood, I would eat for comfort. But now, even though I’m not horribly overweight, I want to change my lifestyle and eat healthy and lose some pounds, and regain control over my life! I am currently 152 pounds and 5′ 4″. I know I’m not seriously overweight, but it’s enough to affect me. I want to be thinner especially since most of my weight is on my stomach, hips, and thighs. I am really wanting to change but am overwhelmed with all the information out there. Carbs, calories, crash diets? I want to do this without making myself sick, but I DO WANT TO DO THIS. I really want to be the young lady that God would want me to be.

    • Rachael, my name is Phyllis. I feel your hurt about you weight loss. I was struggling to LOOSE weight. I was eating for comfort. I was depressed. I didn’t care about the outside world, only mine. I sat on the sofa and ate. I tried loosing weight on my own. I could not do it. I am a thyroid cancer survivor. I was topping the scale 200 pounds February 2016. I last a patch of hair do to meds and had to get my hair cut off one inch in length. I decided to pray and asked the Lord for help because I could not do it. I prayed he answered and I listen. These are his words. You must change the way you are living. Stay in my word change your diet and exercise. You will be on a Christian Weight Loss Journey. I started on my assignment he gave me February 11, 2016. I stayed in his word daily. I joined the Y, a health program. I read about my body being his temple not mine. As I am going through this Christian Weight Loss Journey I got closer to God. I lost 52 pounds by the end of December 2016. I wasn’t aware of the positive impact I was having in others lives. I minister to people about their struggle with weight loss. The first step is GOD FIRST second STAY IN HIS WORD third OBEY THE ASSIGNMENT HE GIVES YOU. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

  • I found this website as I was searching for Christian Weight Loss. I am a child of the King and am tired of being a lousy example to my daughters and other Christians in the area of weight loss. My husband is very supportive and loves me no matter what my weight, but I just had a wake-up call. I through a 21st birthday party for my oldest daughter and invited a bunch of people. At the party, my brother took some pictures of me with the rest of my sisters. WOW!!! I did not realize that I looked that FAT!! I knew that I was bigger than I should be, but I did not realize how big, fat and ugly I really look. My heart is broken. My Honey, my kids and most of all my LORD deserve better. I have tried many times to get down to my previous weight, but am begging and pleading with my FATHER to lead me on to victory and am trusting him to use this website to help me reach my goals for his honor and glory. I will keep you posted as I go along.


    • Hi Jennifer, my name is Antanaia and I just wanted to say that you are not alone. I also prayed for deliverance from this weight and unhealthy foods. I’m praying for you sister, We can do this, and God will get the glory!

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