Grace for your Waist (A Transformation Story)


My sister in Christ, Janelle Keith, lost 132 pounds through God’s power.

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She wrote the article below about her struggle and has also released an awesome book called ‘Grace for Your Waist: Living a Lifestyle Fitted with Hope.’

You can connect with Janelle directly via her website at

“A heartfelt, transformative book. It is a haven of hope for all those struggling with their weight. Janelle’s stories are clear, relatable and each one provides the keys to deliverance – God’s words of love, care, and comfort. Her thought-provoking questions, action steps, and prayers will be your guidance system to freedom over food and help you obtain God’s blessings of Spiritual, emotional and physical health. I highly recommend it!”

– Kim Taylor, Take Back Your Temple, Founder & Director.

When I sent my book information to Kim, she has added value to my story. After all, she knows full well the journey of losing weight and keeping it off.

But Kim has done something more than given me a beautiful quote for my book, Grace For Your Waist – Living a Lifestyle Fitted With Hope.

I can remember a time when I had given up.  I was sitting in the third seat, the third row on a church pew.

I had just suffered through another weight loss contest with my former co-host on a Christian Radio station.  We were both captains of a listener-driven contest called Total Fitness Challenge.

You remember those silly attempts at the diet resolutions?  You might remember that re-commit every January and then by month’s end you have lost your resolve to stick with anything diet related.  This contest was no different, except it was.

Let me explain. Before I signed up to be a captain, all I can remember were the failures of my past.  You see, once again I had ridden too long on the up-and-down rollercoaster ride of loss and gain.  I was absolutely devasted when I weighed (before the contest started) and I had not only gained what I had previously lost but gained another 5 pounds.

I was wearing, along with huge guilt, some of Aunt Bill’s Christmas fudge on my thighs and feeling very ashamed of myself.

Ever been there?

I dug deep for the contest itself by pretending to care but inside I was going through the motions to put on an encouraging face for the listeners.  I just wanted to get this arduous idea over with.  I muddled through those 30 days and was feeling somewhat accomplished with myself.

But God had a different plan and it was the Sunday after my 15-pound loss, and a team defeat, I found myself in the seat of transformation.

That Sunday, the pastor spoke of new year’s resolutions and encouraged the entire church body to consider a 3-day fast.  He mentioned social media, food, TV, coffee, drinks, etc.  I half-heartedly listened to his challenge thinking it wasn’t for me.  All of a sudden, God tapped me on the shoulder and asked what I was going to give up.  I said, “Surely it’s not food God, I’ve given up so much already.” (Remember I had just lost 15 pounds by half-way trying).

There was silence in the room as many were considering what they would sacrifice.  I knew in my heart what I needed to do.  I was afraid.  I thought about that “holy tap” all the way home.

I set my mind to give up food and said to myself, “Well I can do anything for three days.”  I fasted on water only.  And that was the beginning of my transformation process that started my final attempt at losing the weight I so desperately wanted to rid myself of.

The rest is history and as the Lord revealed to me what I loved most was not Him.  Oh how that must have hurt my Savior.  I’m not proud to admit that but it’s true.

Food had taken center stage in my life and I, by faith and obedience, put God back in the center.  I rid myself of all kinds of bad habits and the Lord took over.  Ever since then I will always remember those three days and how God cared enough to bend down and show me the way out.

I was powerless to change and the Lord gave me His grace upon grace to make many changes.  Now I’m living a lifestyle that is fitted for me full of hope and many new beginnings.  But even further there’s so much grace that I have discovered about God that I never knew.

It’s been a long journey and I’ve maintained my weight loss of 132 pounds for four years now.  Even still, I remember His call to obedience like it was yesterday.  I now can say I trusted and obeyed God and gave it my all.  And He honored my behavior, changed my desires, and I received a testimony to tell about how He gave me so much Grace for My Waist.

Grace For Your Waist – Living a Lifestyle Fitted With Hope is full of nuggets that will help you find your way out of your spiritual closet and let the Lord have Lordship over your health and fitness.

Although I target my weight issues, I look at the heart issues and encourage you with some action steps of your own to take the next step.  Every chapter includes a kickstart forward and a prayer.  The book could be applied to anything that is between you and your relationship with God.

I can’t promise you your journey will be quick or easy.  Anything worth doing never is.  But I can say that when you put the Lord back in the center of your life, and seek Him first, then He will show you what you need to change and how to find your way out.  My goal in sharing my story is that He would find you like He found me and help you out to see Him more clearly.

The Book is out on Amazon and also available on under the “New Book” tab.

Thank you Kim, for speaking such grace into my transformation story.  It truly has been worthy to speak about His grace.

–  Janelle Keith


Be blessed in health, healing and wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor

Author of the Take Back Your Temple program

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  • Thank you so much for your right now word. I am starting fasting and praying which God has been leading me to do.
    This is my kick start.
    I must keep God first concerning my health. Like you said, I can live by faith in every other area but today this stop because I am tired of going around this same mountain of defeat.

  • Thank you so much for dying to yourself as an example to all of us who can also do this through Christ alone. Thank you again, and GOD bless you for caring enough to get the message out there.


    Dawn G.

  • I really needed to hear that today. Thank you both for such inspiring words . This has been a very hard journey, but I refuse to let the devil win in this battle. My God and I will prevail.
    Thank you so much
    Blessings to you both.

  • After reading this I have realized that I have not been putting the Lord center of my life. I know the Lord has great plans for my life and I let those plans take the place of the Lord Himself. Fasting would be a good idea right now! I started eating like a man and went into a fast food interview today with 3 road blocks and a great big sign “Do not enter. “ Thank you for your testimony!

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