He’s Got it in the Bag

Imagine a recent anxiety-producing situation and the Lord saying in response, “I’ve got it in the bag…”!

in the bag

Take Back Your Temple Member Leilani Lykins RN posted a powerful story in our Community about how she heard those very words when she was anxious about a particular situation.

I’m sharing the story with her permission. I believe it will “Wow” you as it did me!

This past July, my beautiful daughter Leah and I had the honor and privilege of going to a wonderful area of Chicago called Saint Charles for a family reunion.

On the flight, I wore some cool jeans and a beautiful white long-sleeve blouse, with a beautiful pair of gold color cufflinks with pearls on the ends.

We had a fantastic time. Praise the Lord!

When we got home, I took my beautiful blouse to the dry cleaner, and picked it up a few days later.

About a week later, I was getting ready to go to church and decided I wanted to wear that lovely top. However, my cufflinks were gone when I took my blouse out of the dry cleaner’s sack!

I got upset, thinking the worst: Did someone at the dry cleaner steal my cufflinks?

I talked with my husband and best friend, Debbie, about it. They both told me, “Don’t worry about it; everything would be alright.” However, I was still not happy.

The next day after work, I took my blouse back to the dry cleaners. I told the employee what happened. She proceeded to go to a box and started to look through it.

The next thing I knew, she walked towards me with a zip lock bag with my name written on it, containing my cufflinks!

Later on, the Lord talked with me about this situation. He said:

You, as human beings, get so worried, scared, upset, angry, discouraged about anything and everything; I want you all to realize that no matter what you are going through, I have it in the bag, with your name on it!”


The Lord wants us to learn to trust Him, no matter how big or little the situation may be. He says in His word:

For what great nation is there that has God so near to it, as the Lord our God is to us, for whatever reason we may call upon Him?

Deuteronomy 4:7

Let us praise Him more and complain less!

Always remember, no matter what you or your family may face, “He’s got the in the-bag with your name on it.”

I put my little zip lock bag inside my Bible as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Glory to God!

Be encouraged and fear not, because “He’s got it in the-bag, with your name on it!”

About Leilani Lykins

Leilani R Lykins RN has a passion for worshiping and praising the Lord. She also has the heart to help empower the body of Christ to be all we can be, to glorify and praise the One and Only true God, Jesus Christ.

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Author of the Take Back Your Temple program

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About the author 

Leilani Lykins

Leilani R Lykins RN has a passion for worshiping and praising the Lord. She also has the heart to help empower the body of Christ to be all we can be, to glorify and praise the One and Only true God, Jesus Christ.

    • Glory to God Chris!!!
      You are God’s most favorite child, I told that to one of my friend’s and she said,” we all are God’s favorite child.” I said that is absolutely true; However it’s so nice to know this, because “You are the one and only you that ever was and ever will be. That’s why you are His most favorite child.
      Chris , you are a true masterpiece, on original!!! A one of Kind awesome work of God’s Handy work!!! When we realize how valuable we are to God and How much He loves us, then no matter what happens in our lives, we won’t be moved because we know, “He’s got it in the back, with my name on it!”

    • Thank you JGuest!

      While the quote is still powerful and not disgraced, we will remove the source of the quote and simply say something like “…I’ve heard it said…..”

      A person fate and final state is not up to any of us and up to God in the name of Jesus alone.

      James MacDonald does not have to remain in a disgraced place as you have alluded to, because personally I have never heard of him until now, or his ministry and have not formed an opinion of him, nor will I.

      That is NOT throwing it back at you because I AM VERY GRATEFUL for your post because we do NOT want to send a mixed message or a confusing message to Kim’s readers, so again, thank you for your post.

      To God be the Glory

      Mike Taylor
      TBYT Virtual Assistant
      Membership Coordinator

      • What a great testimony of God’s love and faithfulness toward us (and His playfulness!). Thanks for sharing. I’ve been in a grumpy place this evening – and this was just what I needed to see. Yes, let us praise Him more and complain less.

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