Freedom From the Spirit of Gluttony

I read a sobering article a few weeks ago that stated gluttony, or habitual excess in eating, is the most accepted sin in the Christian community.  Here are some lessons I learned in my deliverance from the spirit of gluttony and toward health restoration.

Our Lord is about compassion and restoration, not condemnation.

How to Overcome the Spirit of Gluttony

To overcome gluttony, it is important to understand the similarities between gluttony and drunkenness, the mistakes that can keep people trapped, and how to defeat the spirit gluttony.

In this article, we will cover:

The Similarities Between Gluttony and Drunkenness

I think of a spirit of gluttony as getting food drunk.

Think about it…how do you feel after Thanksgiving overeating? Don’t you feel lethargic, sleepy, mentally fuzzy, impaired?

spirit of gluttony

The Bible itself lumps drunkenness and gluttony together in Proverbs 23:21:

“For the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, And drowsiness will clothe a man with rags.”

Both alcohol and food have a profound effect on your mental state. Alcohol has a depressive effect and lowers your inhibitions.

Certain foods have a chemical makeup that can alter your mental state, depending on the food.

While God created food for you to enjoy and allows you to drink alcohol, moderation is key. The problem comes when both are done to excess and you are unable to exercise self-control.

Why is Gluttony a Sin?

I learned recently that the root word of gluttony means “to gulp.” How fitting!

When I used to overeat, I was less concerned about what I was eating and more about getting it down as fast as I could to get to the mental effects the food would bring me.

I was using food to self medicate.

And then after the excessive eating, when my stomach was stretched and aching, I would be overwhelmed with shame and guilt…and regret.

I was frustrated and depressed, wondering why I seemed able to control every other area of my life but this one.

It also impacted my Spiritual life because I was playing right into the enemy’s hands. His strategy has always been “divide and conquer.”

He will do whatever he can to separate God’s people from God through feelings of shame and guilt.

While God never leaves nor forsakes us, we can choose to walk away from Him! Apart from God, the enemy knows that we are no match for him.

Do you have peace about your eating habits? Gluttony is a destructive habit at any size.

I’ve seen people who are slim, but are secretly bulimic. They eat excessively then purge themselves afterwards.

While my faith helped me to renew my mind regarding eating healthy, it took longer to overcome my tendency to overeat.

However with God’s help, I have gained the self control to say “No” to the temptation.

A Picture of Victory Over Temptation

A couple of weeks ago, I was fasting and praying, and a picture popped into my head of people with horizontal lines going through their bodies.

Before the image left me, I took a piece of paper and drew it out. I called the image “Temptation Anatomy”.

Once I looked at the picture, it became clear to me as to why gluttony became a habit for me. I believe this picture can be the key to overcoming every other negative habit with which you might be struggling.

Take a moment to look at the picture below:

Tempation Anatomy

The reason people fall victim to temptations is failure to make the cut between your thoughts and imagination when it comes to destructive thinking habits.

Just having a thought about a temptation is not a sin. However, when you start indulging your imagination about that thought, involving your heart and emotions by picturing yourself engaged in that act, that’s when it gives birth to sin.

In the Bible, Jesus said that if any man looks on a woman with lust in his heart he has already committed adultery with her (see Matthew 5:28).

This is true because the act of imagination breeds desire, desire a decision to do it, and finally, decision to action.

If it is a habit you’ve practiced a long time, you may not even be aware that you go through these steps…because you’ve done them so many times that you move to Action with lightning speed.

I realized with the spirit of gluttony in the past, I would often think about going to buy a Pepperidge Farm coconut cake.

Next, I would generate mental pictures and movies in my head about how good it would taste, which would make me desire to have it.

Then, I would decide to go get it.

Finally, I would take action and drive to the store. I would end up eating the cake with abandon, even on occasion eating the whole thing!

So you see, a diet will NEVER fix the tendency to gluttony. A diet is an external solution to an internal problem.

Sure, you can restrict your food intake, but unless you learn to exercise self-control at the Imagination level, you will go back to your old habits as soon as the diet is over.

Makes sense?

The Mistake that Keeps People Stuck

Here is the mistake most people make: They have the thought, start imagine doing it, desire to do it…and then try to exercise self-control at the Decision level by talking themselves out of it.

That is way too late!

Once you start imagining, it is very hard to stop yourself from moving to action.

So the easiest thing to do is to stop it right at the Thought level. Just imagine cutting the temptation off at the head as in the picture.

What is the best thing to replace your thoughts with? God’s word.

That is why it is so important that you study the Bible so that your mind is renewed. According to Romans 12:2, mind renewal is the key to transformation.

Using Temptation Anatomy for Victory

My favorite scriptures related to renewing our minds related to gluttony temptations are the following:

How to Overcome Gluttony
Scripture ReferenceScripture Text
Proverbs 23:21“For drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”
Romans 14:17“For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.”
Galatians 5:22-23“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.”

Here are 3 steps to use the temptation anatomy picture for freedom:

  1. Print the “Temptation Anatomy” picture and post it on your refrigerator or any other place where you need the reminder of how temptations work.

2. Pray that God grant you wisdom in your eating habits. The spirit of gluttony issue is one that has biological and emotional roots because some processed foods hijack our brain’s reward systems and make us want to eat MORE.

Once our brains “learn” that the food makes us feel better, then it is natural to want to turn to that food when you feel emotionally low as a “pick me up.” As the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:12:

All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”

So it’s up to us to protect ourselves from those foods that aren’t helpful so that our lives aren’t harder than they have to be

Trust that God will answer your prayer for wisdom.

SLOW DOWN and really taste your food. Enjoy it. You must eat slowly in order to hear when your body says “Enough.”

And when it speaks, listen and stop eating. Put the fork, spoon, bag or box down. What the enemy means for harm, you can allow God to work the situation out for your good.

Your mind will protest as you start this new habit, but smile and simply tell yourself, “No.”

Speak it aloud if you have to. What the mouth speaks, the ears hear, and the soul absorbs.

You will be amazed at how powerful this little word will make you feel. And each time you say it, it will get easier.

3. Finally, learn about other ways you can relax and calm down. I’ve have found that most people overeat in response to stress. There are far more effective ways to manage stress than to eat.

One simple, but overlooked technique is to practice deep breathing regularly when you feel tension in your body. Another is simple stretching exercises. Praise music is also a great relaxation tool. Find some alternatives that work well for you.

The bottom line is that your body is not your own. Remember, because you are a disciple of Christ, your body houses God’s spirit – an honored guest!

Keep this in mind as you welcome that guest by allowing him to cultivate those fruits of the Spirit within you, including the fruit of self control.

Then by your faith and positive action, you will be truly asking God to “Take Back Your Temple.”

Be Blessed with Health, Healing, and Wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor

Author of the Take Back Your Temple program

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“Prayer for Weight Loss”

About the author 

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor is a certified Christian life coach and has a heart to help others struggling with emotional eating and weight loss. Once 240 pounds and a size 22, she can testify of God’s goodness and healing power to overcome. She lost 85 pounds as a result of implementing techniques to overcome emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Kim is the author of "The Take Back Your Temple Program," which teaches Christians how to take control of their weight God's way and the books "The Weight Loss Scriptures" and "The Weight Loss Prayers."

Kim has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Charisma Magazine and on CBN’s 'The 700 Club' television program.

  • I just want you to know Kimberly, just how much understanding this has changed my mindset. I am excited to pray through this with these verses and overcome! You’ll just never know what a blessing you are to so many that have been trapped and can’t figure it out. I’m so grateful that God has caused you to experience this so you could write this help for us. Thank you for being such a great and powerful teacher and kingdom warrior!

    • Wow, Terri – thank you so much for your kind words! I give glory to God for the opportunity and pray health, healing, and wholeness for you and your family!

  • I am all alone
    I’m being destroyed until they pry every patent, property and dime from me oh and they are on the side of evil There’s good and there’s evil.
    I am not evil
    I did not know that our family trait or coping skill is demonic I need to stop at once the Holy Spirit lives in me, how can gluttony live in me too.

    I love God I’ve only know the love of God

    In Jesus name I pray I bind gluttony and destroy it with the Blood of Jesus Christ my Lord, my Savior, my Life.

    God I ask for forgiveness from you and those I’ve harmed and I’ve hurt with this destructive demonic behavior in Jesus name pray and ask forgiveness for my sins heal me now Jesus I bind this now in any and all time frames and any and all dimensions. It is done I Praise you Father Hallelujah I thank you Father
    I ask, Pray and gives thanks in the name of Jesus.

    • Hi M – I am praying with you concerning this issue. As a believer in Jesus, He loves you to LIFE. He will meet you where you are and walk with you on this healing journey, day by day, and step by step. God word says in Jeremiah 33:6 – “Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.” Healing from this issue requires prayer and practicality. You are already in prayer which is essential for victory in Spiritual warfare. The practicality component is willingness to examine your daily habits to see which foods are hijacking your brain and build health habits that serve YOU, not you serve them. You can learn more here:

      You also wrote the word “Help” in response to this article. Please use the contact form and let us know how we can be of further assistance:

      God bless you on this healing journey!

  • Thank you for this Kim. I am a nurse who spends 7 hours a day on my feet. I weigh 290 pounds and am in tremendous pain. My husband and I agreed that I could take a few months off and seek the Lord for freedom and to renew my mind and teach myself to eat all over again! Every word of this article rang true with me. Thank you again.

    • You are welcome, Janet – Just remember to make LOVE your motivator for change, not condemnation. Use kindness and compassion as you seek new ways of thinking and acting to change with God’s help. His word will be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path 🙂

  • Several areas of this lesson rang true for me. It wasn’t until my spiritual eyes were opened that I began to see and understand how overeating and over indulging are sin. I was taught as a very young girl to “clean my plate!” I was even punished for not eating everything! And made to feel guilty by being told that “children in Africa were starving.” (Sad…but true).

    I believe seeds of self-destruction get planted in the inner soul of children and surface later in adult life as other harmful manifestations. It has been helpful for me to work on tracing where these harmful or wrong thinking patterns were birthed so that I can make sure I don’t repeat them with the next family generation and for myself—to gain true freedom from the lies I was I told/believe. .

    Finally, this point stood out to me from the article:
    “… Failure to make a cut between your thoughts and imagination when it comes to destructive thinking habits.” This indeed is true! This was the missing key in my experience. 2Corinthians 10:5 encourages us to capture every ‘thought’ and make it give up and obey Christ. This is where I reject the temptation—at the thought concept!

    Thank you, Kimberly for this message and for the visual aid! I printed several copies to post where I can see them. God bless you, for sharing His Word with us. ❤️

  • For me, your teaching on the sin of gluttony has shown me that this is the root of my continual failures in overeating. God has used the Word and you to help me understand why I have lived in defeat for so many years. God bless you for allowing yourself to be a vessel of love, truth and hope❣️

    • Thank you SO much, Monia! I appreciate your comment and believe that freedom comes from understanding and application. All praise to our Father!

  • I never in my life considered my eating, overeating and binging as a sin. I just thought it was my own weakness. This article has shaken me to the core. I do so much to avoid traditional sin, but I have allowed myself to be enslaved by a sin that I did not even know was there. Thank you for this wonderful article.

    • You are welcome! Just remember – God is about restoration and not condemnation. The enemy wants us to remain in darkness and condemnation. But God’s word brings the light of life. I pray we all take heed of the warning in 1 Peter 5:8 – “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

      Gluttony and binge eating interferes with our ability to be SOBER. So the enemy has free access to steal, kill, and destroy all he likes. That is why it is so important that we operate with the mind of Christ. In that way, we can share Jesus with those who remain in darkness with a clear mind, alert for opportunities that that the Lord presents our way.

    • Glad to hear that, Kathy – the struggle is real but also right because it is in service to a righteous cause. As you get free, your testimony will inspire others to get free as well. A win/win situation. Our freedom is for God’s glory and our good!

  • So glad I found this article. Thank you so much for your honesty and for sharing your wisdom. It really has given me lots to think about. More importantly, it has given me hope. God bless you.

    • Thank you, Debra – so glad this article was thought-provoking and pray you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers!

  • Amazing article! Thank you for sharing your experience, strength, hope and practical steps and scriptures to help those like me who would receive it. I am grateful to know I am not alone and that there is hope for me to overcome that which has plagued me since childhood. I know it will not be easy but I confidently take my request to the throne room of heaven for help with this next mountain to be moved in my life.

  • That was lovely. I pray I break the habit of Gluttony and replace it with the Word of God. In this area I forgot that it’s temptation too. Equating food to Alcohol drew the point painfully home. Forgive me Lord . Am worse than a nonebeliever

    • Hi Monica – Remember that God is a God of restoration not condemnation for believers in Jesus. So He will not condemn you as “worse than a nonbeliever.” As a believer, you have the Holy Spirit within you, your Helper. He will give you wisdom in this area and the strength to follow the guidance He gives you. The more you follow His guidance, the more victory you will experience.

  • Like others in their comments, I too somehow, miraculously, stumbled onto your page after seeing an ad on Facebook.
    I had been praying for God to help me lose weight as I have medical conditions that are exacerbated by my weight. I asked Him to send help, that I know He’s there, and He has something especially wonderful in store for me. But I need to make sure I am in the right place at the right time to receive it…and that means that I need to be alive and healthy enough too.
    I eat fairly healthy in that I love my veggies and the right kinds of fruits, little meat except tuna and chicken, and not even sweets much any more…they just don’t taste the same as they used to…I think my taste buds have changed again. Thank you Jesus.
    My temptation is sodas. I just can’t seem to stop drinking them.
    As a nurse, I know you understand about addictions, and my addiction to sugar is killing me. So I have decided that for these next few months, I will use half of the money that I use for that addiction, to make a positive change in my life and purchase, study and pray over books you have written.
    My mantra is the song “Change my heart, oh God” and I will cling to it as I work through these changes. God Bless you and keep you. May He enrich your boundaries in your efforts to help bring freedom from the chains we have entangled our lives in by overeating, eating incorrectly, and our emotional eating. That is my main issue, emotional eating…sad, happy, lonely, upset, scared…please, if you have a moment, please say a prayer for me.

    • I join you in prayer for wisdom and strength to implement what the Lord teaches you through your healing journey, Cheryl. As I have said, the struggle is real but the struggle is also RIGHT because it is in service to a righteous cause – sharing our faith in Jesus with those who do not know Him and being healthy and energetic enough to share it!

    • Your story sounds identical to mine, except for the soda part. I’m just so at my wit’s end and so tired of yo yo dieting and failing every time. So frustrating. Praying you find your way to success and overcome your weaknesses.

    • My name Madalena

      I have different temptations but I pray that God take way that one from you as he did for me . Even if I want it to I can not drink soda anymore it just tastes nasty but it took a few years of NOT drinking it .” You can do it too”

  • I have been struggling with diabetes for years and have recently been put on insulin. All because I don’t include God on my decisions. I have been a member of TBYT for many years, but have let worldly things govern my time and have never truly practiced what the program says to do. Please pray that my heart will say no to wasted use if my time and yes to God’s plan for me. Today is the day I begin to travel a new journey to a healthier me. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Today I take that first step with God’s help and the Take Back My Temple program.

    • Glad you are ready to embark on your transformation, Lenora! The “recipe” for success is one day at a time, one choice at a time with God’s help. May you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers!

  • All of this here! You feel like a sister from another mister and that was even before I got to the part about the coconut cake. I lost 100 pounds about 9 years ago but gained it back and I did it with daily prayer, keeping God in the midst of all of it.

    I am losing again after all these years but am struggling even though I know God is the key. A quick Google search (with the help of the Spirit no doubt) brought me to your page and wow! Your drawing and the whole article hit me hard. There is so much truth here. Thank you so much for putting this down so I could pick it up.

    • Praise God, Rell! I am so thankful that the Lord led you to this truth. He always delivers the right word at the right time. May you continue to prosper and be in health as your soul prospers!

  • Love, love, love this! I have been reading Kimberly’s writings for several months now, before deciding the spend the $200 to join this group. I am so happy I did it! It’s like getting “preacher in a can” with Kimberly giftings!!

    • Ha, ha, ha Vicky! I had to laugh when I read your message and praise God for the opportunity to share what the Lord has taught me with you. I pray abundant blessings to you and your family as you take care of your health. All glory to our Father!

  • I’ve struggled with all sorts of eating disorders throughout my teen years, and although I don’t struggle with them anymore, I still deal with overeating on a daily basis. I just read this article and ended up screenshooting every paragraph I read because everything just hit so hard and felt so relatable. After reading this I have a lot of hope that I can finally overcome gluttony once and for all and honor God with my body, in place of sinning every single day. It’s not something we want to think of as a sin, but it’s very true.

  • I have suggugled with my wieght for a long time even had gastric bypass and now I gained it all back after a peride of 17 years. I’m so fustared depressed when alone. When I’m around people they only see the happy engerincic side of me which is fake. Cause deep down I’m so fustetated angry with the feeling of bing out of control of gaining pound after pound. I have damaged my body with is the temple of God. I can not reverse the damage I have done. I have tried so many diets keto ww mincavie I just so fed up with just not getting it. I know what to do but I just keep on doing the wrong think ugh HELP

  • I bought your new book because I liked the sound of “Taking Back My Temple” being I messed it up so much. I have struggled with this diet and that. Now, after being diabetic for over 30 yrs….I now have heart failure. I have given up. I can’t do it alone. I not only have to watch my blood sugar I have to watch my sodium intake AND I can’t drink that much water. But, I started to read the book today and it is hitting home in so many places. The devil has loved telling me that I’m a failure because a Christian can’t even lose weight and follow a diet. But, I am so excited to have picked up this book, that I ordered when it first came out, and started to read. Thank you Kimberly for your help. I know a lot of people are thankful for you too. God bless you.

    • I am so glad the book is speaking to you Barb. Our God is about restoration, not condemnation. Through His grace, you will gain wisdom to make right choices and the power to do what you know. It’s a day by day journey as you learn new ways of thinking and moving through your day. But the Lord is walking with you every step. May He bless you on this journey – it is worth taking!

  • Thank you so much for discussing this topic and for giving simple ways to deal with gluttony. I have been struggling with over eating all my life because it is one thing that is so excepted.
    Please pray with me as I am ready for a NEW way of living! I am a Christian, and I know the Church has excused gluttony for far too long; and African American people as well. I think gluttony was just another trick the enemy has used to literary kill people off slowly, buy surely!
    God bless and thanks again!

    • Hi Stephanie – I am praying with you! I agree with you on that assessment. Jesus said the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. As God’s people it is up to us to resist his attempts to destroy us. In Jesus, we are overcomers!

  • Hello. I’m writing a book and would love to reference this article and some of the amazing points you made. Of course you and your website would be cited and you are able to read over what I would like to reference before anything is finalized. Here is my email so we can discuss things if you are ok with me using your article {email hidden}

    • Hi Brittany – Thank you for your feedback! You may use quotes from the article with the proper citation given. God bless you!

  • I am asking for prayer. I have come a long way in giving my food choices to God. But recently I got sick and was in the hospital. My food choices were very bad, and now that I am back home, I am eating junk food again. I have not learned how to let God be my comforter when I am sick, snd I am using food to comfort me. Thanks please help.

    • You have my prayers, Debbie! You said you’ve come a long way in giving your food choices to God. Ask yourself, ‘What’s stopping me from giving this situation to Him too? Lord, show me the next right step to take to eat the food that will help my body heal.”

      Since you’ve been so sick as to land in the hospital, that means your body is vulnerable to attack. So you need to take steps to protect your health. Why? So you can feel and function your best and get on with the purpose God has called you to.

      By the way, is this junk food you are buying for yourself or is someone else buying it and bringing it in? Ask the Lord for wisdom to speak with them about this matter or open up your Spiritual eyes so you can see the ”arguments” you are giving yourself to justify the behavior.

      You may want to check this out too:

      May the Lord show you His wisdom and truth, giving you strength to do what He says so that you experience the blessings bundled in His word!

      • Thank you Kimberly. Being physically sick and in pain is another layer of PHYSICAL PAIN and helplessness that I was not ready for. (I had a kitchen accident which landed me in the hospital. ) I will check out the link you posted. The Lord has worked on my emotional pain, but the physical pain is whole ‘nother level. Thank you for your prayers….this is not easy.

  • Hi my names Valentina and I suffer with bullimia and I love all your comments cause I can understand what it’s like to go through gluttony and it’s so understandable cause it’s true gluttony is a temptation and it needs to be controlled and said no to and I hope God helps you all who is going through this sin after going through this it has made me understand so much and we do need god more than anything i wish you all the best and if anyone wants to talk I am here I will hear you out and I will understand

  • Dear Kimberly

    I have written to you before and strangely I discover your reply to me was on another site.
    Knowing I am a child od God and still abuse self with fear of food once in the body and fear it won’t come out the natural way due to years of doctor prescribed laxatives after childbirth to me. Is sheer disobedience and not trusting God for my healing .
    But your artical and Gods recipe and how to deal with temptation makes a lot of sense . Thank you anf praise God !hearing and reading is one thing …now I have to choose to do it for His Glory and not abuse his temple.
    Baby steps even for this aged person
    Won’t give up as God is so real to me and had occasions saved me from death .
    Thank you again

    • Yayyyyyyy !God Bless Hope that your Doing well and Remember WHAT EVER Your Going through God is ALWAYS There For You Much Love God Bless!

  • I read about the steps and sometimes am able to battle temptation to eat, but there are times when the craving is so overwhelming that I seem to mindlessly rush to fill it. It seems there is nothing in me to fight. It is a severe stronghold. I know there are emotional triggers and some I can oppose for awhile. Some are overwhelming. But the worst is when it seems there is no trigger except the craving and the mindless submission to it.
    I am thinking of signing up for the program, or another Christian program that offers coaching. But I wonder how much it deals with spiritual warfare and strongholds which are so tangled and wind around me so tightly. I don’t seem to have the ability now to fight with scripture when the craving is so overwhelming. I have a loving family, but none who understand spiritual warfare or know how to help. I am semi handicapped so exercise is mostly out. Also I have tried to make friends and it seems impossible, even though I’ve prayed for a friend who will come alongside me.
    I read the bible and or Christian books almost daily and pray but there seems no change.
    I don’t know where to turn next.

  • I can say nothing has taken me captive except GLUTTONY, ANGER, LACK OF SELF_CONTROL and LAZINESS worst of all IMPURE THOUGHTS. I used to be pornography addict and a masturbator for more than 8years. but I thank God through Jesus Christ that I no longer masturbate and be addicted to porn. but I still rise and fall due to the other sin above and these sometimes causes me Unbelieve and discourage. Please always pray for me to stand firm and TRUST GOD in all my challenges. God bless you all.
    Help with guidelines please!!!

    • I am praying with you Derick! God’s grace will give you power to overcome everything that has kept you bound in the past. As 2 Corinthians 5:17 declares, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

      I recommend you check out my article to walk in newness in Christ, day by day: Power to Do the Right Thing.

      God bless you, Brother!

  • It’s really good article. Thank you and may God bless you for your service. Please pray for me to overcome this horrible sin and live a life that brings glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks again!

    • You are welcome, Samy! Through God’s grace, you have power to overcome! Romans 6:14 says, “For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” Ask the Lord for His wisdom as to what to do in your unique situation and He will provide it. God bless you!

  • Thank you for the the temptation anatomy diagraph…suddenly the steps in my recent over eating have become clear. in the middle of this year, I had a timely awakening of ill health and recently lost five stone…Praise God!! Pretty good for someone who has been overweight since birth. I still have four stone to go. But with christmas approaching fast, I suddenly felt out of control with my eating and really scared…it has lirerally enceloped me. I know these feelings are not from God. Reading your article/ diagraph has heped me understand the process my mind goes through just as I desire to over eat. im gonna print it and stick it on my fridge.. and keep my eyes on Christ. Thank you

  • This website and your calling is answered prayer. For so long I have struggled with food/weight. I’d start off committed to riding my exercise bike – following “points” – and I’d loose weight. But then pride would set in – I would think “I” can eat this, “I” can handle it. I would open the door – start eating what I shouldn’t – and before I know it – its 3 months later and I’ve gained it all back. For me, its almost like an addiction – like someone trying to quit smoking that tries to have “just one” cigarette – and before they know it – they are back to a pack a day.

    I’ve always thought “gluttony” to be buying and eating a whole pizza – or a dozen of donuts. Knowing that I wasn’t doing that – I never considered myself to have an issue with gluttony.

    But I do. If I see something that tastes good – is crazy delicious – I’ll just keep eating it. I ALWAYS eat fast – and never consider what “full” is. I eat based on what my eyes see – not based off what my stomach says. My mind defines full – and that is a dangerous thing.

    Since things are passed on to the next generation – I noticed my daughter had a pattern of just stuffing herself with food – then throwing up because she ate too much. It helped to open my eyes to the Spirit of Gluttony.

    I am so sick of going around this mountain – time and time again. It can become so discouraging. The pain of failing at this – again and again – is so hard. You almost get to the point that the pain of failure becomes so great – that you dont even try anymore – just to avoid feeling that disappointment and pain.

    I’ve been praying for God to help me and googled Christian weight loss – and found you. Thank you for being a light in my “darkness” of food/weight. Thank you for being obedient to the call of God to help those of us that want to surrender all to the Lord – including food and our temple. Michele

  • Overeating has been the “thorn in my side” for at least 20 years. I’ve prayed for God’s deliverance from my food addiction endlessly. I’m tired of going around this mountain over and over again. I keep learning my lesson, and falling right back into the trap again. I’m really starting to see the link between my eating behaviors and my mental health. When I eat right, I accomplish incredible things. When I get obsessed with food, I lose my energy, focus, passion. I become completely self-focused. Thank you SO much for shining light on this issue. This is a deadly sin that even the church embraces and encourages with all the potluck meals. But after reading this article, I feel more hopeful than I ever have that with God’s help I can gain victory over this sin. Thank you, Lord!

    • I appreciate your post and know your struggle. It helped me to see that I am not alone. I too have been struggling with weight/food for 20 years – since I had my kids. Then life happened – which wasn’t always good. To deal with pain/stress, I started to cope with food. The “I dont cares” opened the door to eat. Now 20 years later – the mountain is soooo old. But, I hold on to the promise that God gave us..Philippians 1:6 – being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Press on my sister…press on.

  • Thank you Kim, this makes a lot of sense. I am really struggling with my thought process but was able to see where I loose control over my thought life. I hope to be able to overcome my habitual sin real soon. I feel like a slave to it. I know what Jesus has done for me and I know that I have been given the Holy Spirit but I have not seen the victory over my very bad eating disorders. This bit of information was really insightful and hope it will help me as I am tempted thought of eating something. In Jesus name!

  • Oh goodness!!
    I have been seriously overweight pretty much my entire life. When I accepted Christ and started walking with Him I realized this was sinful, but I wasn’t wholeheartedly letting go of it. This week the Spirit just convicted me on this is a major, heart rending way. And I know I can’t just go on a diet. Why? Because when I do that I’m still thinking about food ALL THE TIME. Just differently. When I read this post I practically squealed! You nailed it! I can’t wait to get home so I can dig in to the rest of your blog and print out this picture!

  • I want to thank you for this article. I’ve always tried to stop the behavior in the desire stage and would fight a losing fight every time. After reading the article, the Lord kept bringing to my memory capturing thoughts and strongholds. I searched the Scripture online and found 2 Cor 10. I am at war in the Spirit. I read the Scripture several times and started writing down every thought I had about eating before it moved to the next stage. I began to use Biblical truths (Sword of the Spirit) to fight these thoughts. I lost some battles and won some. Living the Christian life is a daily journey. I pray that the spirit of forgetfulness does not come on me. That I renew my mind daily. I also pray for those that commented on this article and those that could not. My prayer is that they continue to renew their minds daily with the knowledge of Christ and that they know that we are in this together.

  • Hello Cynthia. For years I didn’t know that gluttony was a sin. And when I did find out I was still thin so I didn’t pay attention to it. Now that I am overweight and after I went to God and asked for forgiveness for basicly not taking care of my body, I believe, that is when He started opening my eyes to taking care of myself better. I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to going to the store to buy healthy food or get discouraged when I believe I’m doing all the right things and within two weeks I only lose a pound. But I have to keep telling myself that God is going to help me work it out and in the midst of this I’m developing a closer relationship with God.

    • Hallelujah! Thanks for your encouragement to Cynthia, Tyra. In the end, that is what this is all about: Gaining a closer relationship with God. We allow God’s strength to be made perfect in this area of weakness. We determine in our hearts to surrender this area to Him and do what He tells us to do. It may not always be easy, but the peace that surpasses all understanding awaits us. That peace and rest comes through obedience. As we obey His word, the closer our relationship becomes with Him. It is an awesome love story we are living in!

  • I love this very thoughtful, practical way of looking at gluttony. I have battled this for so long and have attempted to surrender this area to the Lord for some time, It seems like I gain victory for a time, but then I fall again. I haven’t taken responsibility for my behavior. But I think your picture has given me a very simple way to understand the process of walking into the sin – it’s not the first thought the causes me to stumble, but the imagination and lingering on the thoughts until what’s in my head and heart is being acted out in my body. A great tool…thank you so much. I will incorporate these ideas as I again surrender this sin to Christ. This sin of gluttony truly is overlooked in our church body even though so many of us struggle with it daily (maybe even moment by moment!)

  • I’ve learned gluttony was a sin but struggle with surrendering it. I’ve realized food is my comfort, makes me happy and I lie, steal, just to feed my craving for food, it’s beginning to cause a danger to my health due to having arthritis, I’m not fat, but I love pasta, Italian food, I want to have self control over food but I’m struggling and really need help

  • Hey everybody. I like to be familiar with jusus .
    I think he is able to rescue me from my desires. I afflicted of overeating today’s too. I read a lot of verse’s from Quran and bible that I admit those all are right but I can’t control myself against temptations of food.
    A big Iranian poet(Hafez) says: your sleep and eating deprive you of spiritual progress. I believe it but I can’t. Please help friends. Akbar.tohr [at]

  • Amazing, I’m 47 years old and have never posted anything in my life. I’ve been trying to find away to get my weight under control for a couple of decades with minor success here and there. I don’t fully remember how I found this site. The article – insightful beyond words. The first three post … I don’t know, but I’m making my first post …. I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a tornado …

  • I eat a lot bcos I am afraid to loose weight and the saddest part is that when ever I finish eating heavily at college I cant learn again cos I feel so full that I have to sleep,when even I ve eaten some seconds ago and I still lust for a particular dish I will spend all my money on that dish,its really a sin,and GOD THE FATHER,GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT HELP US FOREVER AND EVER.AMEN

  • I am in the 7th week of following your God given program. After being led to your site by the Lord. He has really been remaking me seriously for the past year dealing with different areas of my life and bringing healing.your program was the natural next step. I am a different person today than I was at the beginning of this year when I started TBYT .i have been growing by leaps and bounds. Commitment and diligence are now a very real part of my life. I use the prayers verbally each day during my devotional time with the Lord. I love exercise, I see the long time future of me at goal weight. My food choices are healthy and mostly proportional. My caloric intake is healthy and I’m dropping weight gradually . I expect to be under 200 week. I am so happy and satisfied I could shout! My growth spiritually and emotionally is such a blessing, thank you Kimberly for allowing the gift God has given you to be shared. I am free from being a glutton, I love and appreciate my body, my health and my strength which all come from the Lord.
    Whom the Lord sets free is free indeed!

  • Hello, I have really enjoyed this website with all the comments. I have reached the highest weight of 350. God forgive me for polluting your temple and not talking to you before I eat because of stress which stems from low self-esteem, because I was always told I am not good enough. Thank you Lord for giving me the courage to start a new life. Juicing, fasting, scriptures on lust, gluttony, etc, and exercise will be the path I am have started on but struggling because of the negativity around me. Lord, I will quietly fight this addiction with you until you place people on the front row in my life that will support me. I am in the 3rd stage of kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Today my sugar is 166 after eating, and my blood pressure is 130/70. I weened my self off of 3 blood pressure pills for 6 months now and my insulin was also decreased. I need prayer to really get moving with exercise. I prefer water aerobics, but need to walk! Brothers and sisters in Christ pray for me that I live the way God wants me to and not eat myself to death.

    God Bless you all

      • Amen! God has led me to you Kimberly so many times over the the past few years! I tell everyone I know as sooo many of us, hate to say it, but, especially Christians struggle with this food addiction and somewhat laziness expecting God to just heal them. I want to do my part. The Lord has given me another chance to get things right, and I’m pressing in DEEP, please keep me lifted up, I have a 25 year old, 23 year old and a recently turned 3 year old son that I’d like to have enough physical energy to keep up with. As a man thinketh, I shall overcome as well by the blood of the Lamb & the Word of my testimony! Current weight is 225, time to take it down….less of me, more of Christ Jesus! Amen! God Bless! All these prayers are really hitting the spot for me!

  • My name is FRances.. Struggled with eating all my life. I went through all stages of eating and the last and most hardest stage is bulimia. I have overcome most of my bad eating habits through out my life but this one seems to be a real hard one to overcome. I know its a habit that needs to be replaced with a good habit. Im getting there. the only thing im up against with my own self is not to be caught in this sin when jesus comes back. I really want to hurry up and get on with the process of refining and living right. FULL OF THE HOLY GHOST 🙂

    Praying and seeking with all my heart….

    Bless God!

  • Great article! I’m currently in Overeaters Anonymous and I recently became a born again Christian. This article and the tools you went over will be a great addition to overcoming my glutinous ways.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • This is a great article! The diagram of the thought-action sequence is helpful and that is exactly what I have been doing when I crave something and end up at the store. I am going to try to cut it off at the thought stage with a Bible passage ready to read or…. having a healthy thought ready. I will need to think and pray about this. Calling gluttony by its name and recognizing it as a sin is a rather a new concept for me! Thank you so much

  • I know Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?” Some days I do, and some days I don’t. I would like to put this article into practice….I guess the important thing is to just take it one day at a time. After yesterday’s miserable failures, responding to stress by eating, I feel so discouraged, so I think I will spend some time with the Lord now, ask for forgiveness, and get into the Word. I would like to know more about the breathing techniques and stretching exercises that Kimberly mentioned. Stress sneaks its way into my head and I don’t even realize it’s there until I am halfway through a bag of chips….or maybe even all the through! I suppose there is no way to avoid stress (from relationships, topsy-turvy circumstances) but if I could only just recognize that I am feeling it BEFORE I dive into whatever is in the snack cabinet…

    • Hi Val – thank you for your transparency. What you’ve described is common for a lot of people. And used to be common for me too. The problem is that you’ve chosen to respond to stress through eating for so long that it’s become a habit. When you repeat the habit consistently, it multiplies and entrenches itself into your brain like the deep roots of a plant. Over time, your habits are revealed through your results. The only way to permanent change is to get clear once and for all that you want to get well. As you mentioned, the solution is to ask God to reveal the truth of how this habit is impacting your ability to achieve His purpose for you. I’m talking about the deep reasons to change, not just surface ones. These reasons have to be strong enough to keep you going through the tough times. And there WILL be tough times! Usually, the first challenge hits about 14 days after deciding to change. You’ll be tempted to go back to your old ways. But…with a strong enough WHY, you will be able to keep working on the HOW. Once you get past that, the new behavior will become automatic, you’ll get momentum behind you and then you’ll be unstoppable!
      So the first task is to work on your WHY because with that motivation, God will reveal your personal HOW.

      P.S. That snack cabinet sounds like it is hurting you. The solution is to clean house. As long as you make giving into temptation easy for yourself, you will keep on doing it. Think…what can you put in that snack cabinet that will make it easy to stay well?

  • I was thin till my mother died when I was 6. I was shoved around to relatives I did not know with completely different eating habits then I was used to and I am pretty sure I was just basically stressed about all the new life changes so I changed my eating habits and one aunt told me years later that I nibbled cause I missed my mom, but that was not the reason entirely, Im sure eating more food calmed me down. I did learn to calm down with food. ( that and I was eating unhealthy foods my Mother would not serve us .) My clothes never fit well and I developed a bad body image for years but did take control on my own as a teen and exercised and followed a strict weight watchers diet and learned I could slim down but that urge to feel calm with food, its always there.

  • I’ve been challenged to really look at my over eating. This site has helped a lot. It’s so freeing to name the ‘problem’ with its true name, gluttony.

  • Thank you so much for this I have been struggling with gluttony for a very long time and it has almost killed me. I love God but I was loving food more. I learned some interesting things from the reading. I realize now the spirit of gluttony is overeating PERIOD, and it can occur with healthy eating.So I will use what I’m learning hear and be healed from gluttony.

    • You gotta love and crave god more to the point where you will do anything in sacraficement of god just to be committed in his love more than just food that we need to survive

  • Wow this is exactly what David A. Kessler, MD, former FDA commissioner says in his book The End Of Overeating. He says that to break an addiction, as soon as the thought enters your mind you have to change your thought because once you start to contemplate the idea, it is too late. He said once it pasts the idea stage, no amount of will can work. He says it is a good idea to have a mantra you say when the thought occurs, such as, “This does not fit my plan for my healthy life.” then move on and turn your mind to other thoughts. Just thought I would share what you, under the guidance of God, came to understand is also confirmed in his book.

  • I’ve had problems with food since I was old enough to get to it on my own. I was exceptionally pretty but felt I had nothing else.. I even believed I was slightly retarded because I could not learn like everyone else in school. So I have spent my entire life battling my gluttony in order to “look good” When I’d become slim, I was consumed with my appearance.. when I’d gain, I’d become agoraphobic..afraid for people to see me. I’ve spent all my life since I was 13 losing and gaining.. totally absorbed in my appearance. Now I’m trying to establish a relationship with God and come to realize today.. whenever I over eat.. I cannot read the Bible or pray.. After the realization I cried bitterly feeling whipped.. between a rock and a hard place.. how will I overcome this as I am not young and all I’ve ever known. So I typed Bible and Gluttony in google and so far I’ve read two Christian articles on it and both are extremely informative and well written.. I’ve battled this all my life and I feel frightened but yet kind of excited because I have hope..God will lead me out of this mind set.

    • Laurie,

      Hey sister. Wow. That is the first time I read my story… I know this post is old- it is 2017 now- so I don’t know if you will be notified- but I have to respond. I have never heard or read my behavior- and to a T as the way you wrote about your life long battle! -I have always been the same way- a yo yo. Back and forth- back and forth- and it is such a hopeless feeling. I hermit myself because I am not “worthy” of people to love me if not normal sized and have always had a hard time loving myself. This stems from my upbringing- and the words of my father- a pedophile- about my body and worth. Self destruction comes in many forms.
      I have not been serious about putting this before the Lord.
      Thank you for sharing- God Bless your walk in Christ.

    • Dear Laurie,
      I understand you. I too have battled all my life with my appearance. When I’m thin and pretty I’m obsessed with being that way so others will love me. When I’ve gained wait, I’m ashamed and don’t want to be seen. Eating feels so good. I’m often sad when a meal is over and want more because I don’t want the pleasure to end. But then I hate myself because of how I look. Yet, God is good. A few years ago I was led to give up mirrors for the lenten season, and that really helped me to not be so absorbed in my looks. I didn’t give them up entirely, what I did was limit myself to a hand mirror for putting on my make-up before work. And on Sundays I could use the full mirror for getting dressed. It helped to break the need to be pretty in order to be loved. But I still struggle with eating to soothe the stress of the day and feel pleasure and then feeling awful because I’m chubby. I pray I can break this mindset. I have tried and tried and seem to keep failing. I rely on the LORD. I cannot do this in my own strength, for I have failed too many times. I hold firmly to His Word that tells me He will complete the good work He has begun in me. I will continue to battle on trusting in His work in me.
      God bless you and all who read this.

  • I am a teenager with the problem of over-eating. I am not overweight, and I actually particularly love eating healthy food. I love Jesus with all my heart and I know that He is what I ultimately desire, but living in the South the food is so good that I indulge too much, and every time I tell myself “no more” I have an empty feeling, so I eat more. This is such an “excepted sin” here. If anyone reads this, I ask for prayer. I ask to open the eyes of the church and America of this sin. Many around the world barely have enough or they don’t have enough for a day’s worth. I would hate to know that my sin of gluttony caused their deprivation. Please pray for my self control, and that I hunger more for God.

  • I felt that God was leaning me towards reading something like this because deep down I knew I was eating too much even though i am not overly obese. I have accepted christ since i was 12 but until last year I have always had trouble believing that until one night I prayed to Jesus to cast out spirits of anger and hatred from my heart which caused me to have anger problems. They are part of me no more even though there are times i feel agitated but now i have more strength to pray to jesus and be calm. Now overeating is another obstacle for me to climb, this article was a great article and I realize I overeat whether i am bored, depressed or lonely. Thanks to this article, I can now take steps to trust God more in healing me from sin and regain control of my eating habits. God Bless ya

  • Thank you for this site! I realized this is the sin that I struggle with most and have all my life! Since I can remember I have always emotional eaten since my dad left when I was young I got chubby suffered from low self esteem and later on depression. I’m not overweight but I’ve always struggled with self control over food, exercise and dieting in my head and I’m so happy that this has been revealed to me now, rather than later/never! I’m going to overcome this and I will renew my mind I will not be a salve to sin anymore but I will walk boldly in freedom and become an overcomer! Thank you!

  • Thank you for writing this article. I too have had problems with overeating and I have been praying for an answer to get it under control. I have also prayed for self control…I need a revelation. I want to honor God in EVERYTHING I do. Pray for me to find the truth in my overeating…I feel like I have lost complete control. I will renew my mind at the thought level. God Bless you!

  • I am ready to confront my sin for what it is. God has led me here, I know. I eat and often don’t think about what I’m putting in my mouth. I lost 20lbs by swimming, but gained it back when I stopped swimming (health issues) but will start again in July after knee replacement surgery. I need to get my mindless snacking under control. THANK YOU for helping me see that indeed this is a spiritual issue. That the sin needs to stop at the “Thought” level. I just never looked at it that way. Either I would impulsively eat, or think about how good something would taste. I have asked God’s forgiveness and am currently memorizing Psalm 121. when I am finished with that I will work on some of the verses you’ve mentioned. Thank you again!

  • My biggest sin is gluttony, but reading this article made me recognize something far worse. Ive accepted Christ as My Lord and Savior but at the same time I really havent, because I continue to sin, when I read “your body is not your own,” thats when it hit me, I havent given him that, I continue to sin and refuse to stop enjoying headonist like pleasures. It makes me sad and scared that I cant commit to him completely. Thank you for writing this article.

  • Well, i tried many times to go on diet and then i grow more fat instead of slimming down. i am tired of listening the comments and negative vibes of people teasing me. i was helpless but this article helped me to control the root of gluttony “thoughts”. hope i overcome.

  • This was soo helpful. I got online looking for the word of God to combat my overeating and I found it. It makes soo much sense, a good strategy to defeat the enemy of our minds (and yes, sometimes ourselves). I’m glad you have posted this sight. 1Corinthians 6:19 is a verse I prayed early in life (and still do today) to combat sexual immorality (whenever I see something on TV, or a magazine, anything), so I know it works. I just didn’t extrapolate and realize that my eating was also a sin of the flesh, and driven by temptation the same way. So if I’ve overcome lust, I can overcome my lust for food! It’s the same thing! God is great! Wonderful sight!

  • Reading this article has brought me to tears. I knew in my mind that my overeating was a sin, but it has never cut my heart. Until now. I thank the Lord for sending me to this website. I can no longer pretend this is not a sin. Please pray for me as I attempt to change. Not in order to look model-thin, but in order to honor the precious Lord who died for me.

  • Hi Kim- This article brings to mind as a child at the dinner table , my mother would scream and scream about spilling the milk and cleaning the plate. As a child , I tried to please my mother by cleaning my plate. She still continued to scream and I ate faster to leave the dinner table. As a consequence , I learned to eat too much too fast. I broke my appetite mechanisms completely. I hate eating with people and tend to wolf down . I also hate my mother screaming and all the anxiety she caused around food. I tend to handle all emotional issues with food ( sweets in particular). Thank God your program is helping to conquer this stronghold !! I am looking forward to a ” suddenly” of God deliverance through Jesus !!!

  • I really hate myself. I’ll restrict my food take a laxative if I feel I ate too much, and cut myself with a razor blade just to deal with the pain inside. So it’s extremely offensive when someone claims my body belongs to God, Christ and what I do it is wrong. What I do to my body is not wrong. It does not even belong to God because I AM NOT HIS CHILD in the first place. So I can do as I please with my body because I don’t belong to God. Hate myself anyway. Might as well continue to self-destruct.

    • Hi AC,

      There is a reason you were led to this website that celebrates those who have accepted Jesus Christ as children of God. And there is a reason you decided to post here rather than quickly leaving the site when you saw that it was contrary to what you believe. You must be in a lot of pain to hate yourself and to express that in hurting yourself. Yes, it is certainly your choice to continue to live the way your are living, but I am here to tell you there is a better way to live. God promises this: “Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth (Jeremiah 33:6).” Your current way of living is not one of peace – instead one of fear and torment. God does not want you to live this way. He has given you a future and hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

      When you are ready to take hold of a future in which you are healed of emotional pain and can look forward to a future of promise, then go here and read stories from people like you whose lives have been changed through the power of God through Jesus :

      • Hello AC my friend,

        Dare I call you “my friend” and not know the first thing about you other than you hate yourself and punish yourself because of the hate? I dare!

        What I won’t “DARE TO DO” is presume that I know how you feel and why you feel the way you do.

        My name is Mike Taylor and I am a seasonal contributor to this site.

        I have a few rhetorical questions for you. First, how did you find us here at

        Secondly, why did you take the time to respond when there are so many sites like this one speaking and doing the same thing?

        Finally, are you on a mission to search out these type of sites to confront them for being presumptuous and offensive to you?

        We are not here to offend you or anyone else and again I won’t presume to know how you feel or what offend you the most. HOWEVER,………….if I were to guess, my guess would be that you don’t like the way you are and would like for someone, ANYONE to give you a reason for hope. My guess is that you are crying for help internally and in the form of contrary.

        Now, now; before you throw a rotten tomato at your monitor and start cussin’ about now, just take a deep breath and read on; if it’s painful to read, please endure it for the moment because I can indeed tell that you have endured a lot of pain in just those few lines you’ve typed.

        Now friend, let’s consider for a moment what is causing you so much pain “INSIDE”; we know it’s inside and very painful for you because you have suggested cutting yourself externally with a razor to divert your attention from the pain inside (your words – not mine).

        If you are obese, how do you really feel about that? Do you hate yourself because you are obese? If so, is it because of seemingly or open rejection from friends, family and the public?

        If you believe your are unattractive in the physical, is it because of the same reason in the above paragraph?

        If there is no mate in your life; does that make you cry at night?

        If your friends are limited, does that make you bitter?

        If you are between jobs, does that bring on high levels of anxiety?

        I suspect that the answer to some of all of the above questions are in the affirmative and all are internal conditions; conditions that can’t easily be dealt with in the physical.

        Think about it, you can’t bust everyone in the face that rejects you even though it would make you feel GREAT for the moment.

        You can’t make people love you or be your friend! Work is rather hard to find in this stressed economy “Worldwide”!

        BUT EVEN SO, SOMEBODY GOT TO PAY FOR YOUR DISCOMFORT and you seem to think that someone must be you because you are the most vulnerable person you know as your family, friend and certainly foe will not take any abuse from you.

        With that being said why should you take abuse from yourself in any form? We will take God out of the midst “BUT FOR A MOMENT because if you don’t believe in him or that he even cares for you in the midst of what you are going through is a moot point for both of us at this time but not a waste of my time in the least. (I have taken the time to respond because I do feel your pain these many miles away.)

        I have contemplated suicide during my late teen years because I was a very lonely young man and felt that I was useless in this world. I felt UGLY in uppercase letters. It’s ironic because I was just telling my wife yesterday about an old acquaintance who was considered a lady’s dream and how he would always want me to hang out with him so that the women would contrast him against me. What I didn’t tell my wife is that he actually slipped and told me that!

        Here is how that conversation went as I recollect again (now funny but painful back then). We were both on the same job and he wanted to take a walk at lunch time on this fine sunny summer day. At first I wasn’t going to go because I wanted to eat my lunch but he insisted so I went.

        He was really thin and had one of those big blowout Afro’s of the 70’s. His skin was creamy smooth and he had that high yellow complexion as oppose to my dark colored skin and nappy hair.

        We walked the first block and the women had “NO SHAME” in flirting with him with their eyes and even approaching him in conversation; and things weren’t quite as liberal for women as they are today and that didn’t stop them. He even mange to get about three phone numbers on our walk; I was in awe.

        Now here we go! I said “Man Greg!” “The girls are coming up and onto you like flies and not one of them even knew I was here”. I said that with enthusiasm and as a compliment to my friend. He in turned chuckled and said “Yeah I know, that’s why I wanted you to walk with me as contrast”. His words faded at the end as he suddenly realized what he was actually saying, then he chuckled again and tried to make it seem like he was joking but I knew he wasn’t and now it does make me feel a little sad to remember that because I also remember another friend named Rob doing the exact same thing with the same response but he in my opinion was “Butt Ugly” compared to me I thought and yet there were the women clamoring onto him; how do you think I felt and what was going on in my mind?

        But enough about me and that got me away from your pain for the moment and probably did the same for you as you thought within “what a poor sap!”

        Eventually, God was introduced into my life and it took faith for me to believe in him when everything around me seemed so wrong because what I thought I knew I later discovered that I knew absolutely nothing. Because I decided to cut myself some slack (no, not cut me) and extend trust in God, he began to reveal himself to me in many mightily ways. I now realize that I was simply a diamond in the rough back then and soon were turning women heads towards me even as a married man but I won’t fall into that trap because I know the enemy wants to destroy me and see me DEAD physically because I have so much to offer God’s people which the enemy hates.

        I realize you said you are not God’s child which is the same as a person in the natural saying their absentee dad whom they have never seen is not their dad even though he planted the seed that conceived them; the difference is that God truly cares where the absentee dad does not.

        God is not absent in your life and I suspect you didn’t come across our site by happenstance. We shall continue to do what we do here but I will ask this one favor from you as painful as it may be to you I am asking that you grant me; a stranger this one request.

        Sometime shortly after you read this post, say: “God, I don’t understand what is going on in my life or why things are the way they are. I don’t even think I believe that you even exist because my life is miserable in my own eyes; for I cut myself. However, if you are who you say you are, please reveal yourself to me in some way so that I can believe and can have hope that I can live peaceably within myself”.

        Now my friend God said in his Word that you must first believe. I am confident that even in your unbelieving state, if you will repeat the above words out loud in the privacy of your own home and mean it; God will miraculously reveal himself to you in some way that only “YOU” will know it. It will scare you and make you very happy at the same time. You will experience peace that you have never felt since the time you were born. AT THAT TIME; you will then have a decision to make which is to now believe in God and trust him no matter what, for his plans are to do you good and no hurt or you can reject him and continue to experience the pain of the razor while trying to hide or mask the pain inside which will indeed lead to your natural destruction and at that point EVERYTHING will become clear but it won’t matter my friend.

        Do me this one favor please, as I am confident you will be doing yourself a favor as well!

        I truly am rooting for you (smiles always)!

        I have more to share with you and perhaps you will allow me the opportunity to do just that in your prosperous and peaceful future.

        Mike Taylor

    • Hi ac!
      Since you were created/made into existence, then you do belong to that creator whether or not you agree with it. But as you read below, you will discover that your creator will not force you to follow Him.
      I have been were you are right now and I too used to cut myself because of my own self hated. I was in so much emotional pain that I even gotten to the point of suicide. I am now 50 years old but since I was a young girl, I used food as a coping mechanism. I still fight with this issue from time to time but I’m slowly learning to reprogram my brain from the years of self medicating myself with food. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks but with God’s help, anything can be accomplished.
      I’ve been a Christian now for approx 17 years and I can honestly say that my life didn’t start to change for the better until I invited God into my heart. It took so long to make this first step because sadly, I was comfortable with hating myself and the adults who abused me. I just didn’t want to relinquish that hate. Also, the thought of being happy was so foreign that it scared me. And to be brutally honest, I was angry with God for allowing those things to happen to me, which is how I got to that point in the first place. I blamed God for the years of sexual abuse that completely destroyed me. The undeserved shame I carried around for years made me hate myself and my life. Cutting myself was the only thing I could do to release some of the pain I was feeling and oddly, it was the only thing that I felt I had control of over in my life.
      I don’t know why you hate yourself to the point of self abuse by means of cutting, but let me make one thing very clear, whatever caused all your emotional pain, shame and self hatred , (whether you did something that you are ashamed of or whether something horrible was done to you) God loves you so much and wants to be there for you. I know it’s hard to believe…It sure was hard for me to believe that God could love me, something that I myself found so disgusting. But the truth is, He loves ALL OF US so much that He is longing for each and every one of us (His children) to turn to Him so that He can embrace us as our Heavenly Father. He created us out of love and because of His love, He also gave us the freedom to make our own choices. One which includes whether or not we decide to accept Him as our true Creator, Heavenly Father and Savior through Jesus Christ.
      However, when sin entered into the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience, it opened the door and sin became part of their nature. Because they were the first human beings and ancestors to all of mankind, they passed down this sin nature to all of humanity. So that left every human ever born (except Jesus Christ) to commit sins such as murder…all the way down to the sins of lying, envy, revenge, jealousy, impure thoughts, etc… Because God and heaven are perfect and pure, only pureness is allowed in and therefore, we as sinful people cannot enter heaven. God our Father loves us so much that this broke his heart. In order to reunite us to himself in Heaven, he created a way for our sins to be erased. You see, there are three parts to God, there is God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. Even though these three entities make up one God, they each have different roles and ways of operating. And these different entities became a very important roles to our salvation.
      But let’s get back to God erasing our sins in order to make us righteous and able to enter into His Heavenly Kingdom. God the Father chose to use His Son, Jesus Christ, to come down to earth and live as a human here. Jesus (who is the same God by way of the Trinity) lived on earth without committing a single sin. Knowing beforehand that He could remain pure from sin, He then willing allowed The Father to use Him as a perfect sinless sacrifice for all of humanities sins. These sins include people from the beginning of time who believed and followed God, to the people’s sins of today who put their trust in God and it will continue to cover the sins that will be committed by people in the future who choose to accept the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice.
      If you think about it, this action shows you the unmeasurable love that God has for each of us whom he created. First of all, God the father would suffer as He watched His beloved Son be brutally tortured, nailed to a cross, physically engulfed with the sins of the world and killed. . Secondly, Jesus who is God, willingly came down from his throne in heaven, and with foreknowledge of the pain He would suffer, entered earth in order to save us from ourselves. By doing this we could be made righteous, clean and subsequently saved. Always remember, Jesus knew beforehand what was going to happen to Him, and yet, His love for us (FOR YOU) was deeper than what he was going to endure. Jesus chose to die a horrible death so those that seek salvation can live in eternity with Him. How much more love than that could a God/Father show us?
      Now this is where the “free will” that God gave each one of us comes into play. It is each individuals choice whether or not they accept this gift of salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice. First, each of us must sincerely believe that Jesus died in order to cover our sins and therefore we must put our trust and faith in what he did for us. Secondly, we need to turn away from continual sin in our lives and allow God, through the Holy Spirit, enter into our lives. By doing this, we are giving God permission to start a work or change in us that begins the moment we accept Jesus as our savior. The bible says that the Holy Spirit entered you when you decided to give your life to Christ, to become a Christian. But we need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, to guide us, to help us do the things God wants us to do. When we’re growing as Christians, we should allow the Spirit to take control over more and more areas of our lives.
      The Holy Spirit plays many roles. You can read about some of them in these passages: John 14:15-27, John 16:5-15, Romans 8:1-17, Galatians 5:16-26.
      God wants you back in His loving arms like you were the first day he made you but the ball is in your court.
      What I’ve come to find out is that after allowing God to come into my life, He then was able to begin healing me from the inside out. The bible says that he will continue this work and many other works in us until our last day. I personally haven’t met a true and genuine Christian that ever regretted making this life long decision …I know I certainly haven’t!

      If you want to accept Jesus’ wonderful gift of salvation plus His promise of beginning a work in you that includes healing of your broken heart, then say this prayer with genuine and heartfelt conviction:
      Lord God, I confess that I am a sinner. I confess that I need Your Son Jesus. Please forgive me in His Name.

      Lord Jesus, I believe You died for me and that You are alive and listening to me know. I now turn from my sins and welcome You into my heart. Come and take control of my life. make me the kind of person You want me to be.

      Now, fill me with Your Holy Spirit, who will show me how to live for You and acknowledge You before men as my Savior and my Lord.

        • Thank you Kimberly but all Glory goes to God. Writing is definitely not my strong point but I was compelled by God to respond to ac’s comment, just as I am compelled by God to write this right now. I truly struggle to find words to write to even the best of my friends but I could feel God guiding me with what needed to be said to this person and hopefully others who may read this (just as He’s guiding me now). He also gave me the words to best describe my life’s story to ac. So, if you happen to be reading this ac or anyone else for that matter, these are God’s words speaking to you. He used my life experiences to show you and hopefully others that no matter how bleak your life may be right now, there is hope through Jesus Christ.

          I became the hands that God used to write this message to you. He is calling out to you and others like you who are lost and living in despair. However, He is doing it through a common everyday human being such as myself. So keep in mind that God often uses other human beings as His vessel to reach out to those He wants to help and call to Himself. There are countless ways that He does this. It may be in the form of a stranger, friend or family member that shows concern for you or maybe through an inspirational story or book you are reading. There are countless ways in which God works. Just keep your eyes and ears open and your heart softened to receive God’s urging message for you (that goes for any of us). He loves you more than any love this earth has to offer and desperately wants you to run into His open arms so that He can have a relationship with you that begin with healing and transformation. However, like I said in my previous message, He gave all of His children free will to make our own decision on whether we accept Him into our lives as our God and Heavenly Father. It’s up to you to open the door and let Him in.

          God bless,
          Paula Cutler

      • Minister Paula, I was lead to this site for support. I have been struggling with gluttony, and I know that faith come by hearing and hearing the word of God. Your testimony is an Awesome word of Gods love, compassion, forgiveness, restoration, salvation, deliverance, his grace, and his longing for all his human creation to know and accept the gift he has offered in his Son Jesus. I Pray the Lord open more doors for you, as well as the others on this site to minister the truth of Gods word everywhere. There are people who haven’t accepted Jesus Christ that desperately need to know the reason of our hope, and there are others who have believed and accepted Christ, but are defeated because they have not been discipled in the truth of Gods word, & it’s power to change people, circumstances, & situations. I Praise God that getting my ungodly eating under control was the first thing in my mind. I know there is strength in the people of God through our Savior. Please continue this work, I have gained the encouragement, agreement, correction, and strength I needed today. No person is an island. We need one another. The Bible states” the strong ought to bare the infirmity if the weak.” We all have weakness sometimes. God made us one family so we can pray, and help one another. I am a Pastor, and I needed you all today. Be encouraged in the Lord, and Never Ever quit!! Blessings and Love.

    • Hello, AC I just came across what you have written right now. And NOTHING HAPPENS BY COINCIDENCE. Get ready, I am praying for YOU, and God has a plan and purpose for your life! I am an INTERCESSOR. All I know is this. That God has me to pray for you because HE DOES LOVE YOU WHETHER YOU ARE A BELIEVER OR NOT! You may email me if you wish to and need to talk as a FRIEND!
      My name is JoAnn Peters. Love, Jo

    • Sweetheart the bible, the Authorized King James 1611 says that “no man ever yet hated his own flesh but nourisheth it an cherisheth it”. “Ephesians 5:29. The fact that you are concerned with yourself and are hell bent on “doing as I please with my body” is proof of this fact.What you are doing to yourself does not show that you hate YOURSELF.

      It shows that you hate God for God has said in Leviticus 19:28
      28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord. Gluttony also is forbidden in scripture.

      I know all about pain love. I do. I have been delivered of many things but have not only gotten myself into a habit of gluttony but of eating things that I know are destructive to my body that I had once been free of. But I see that I was never completely free because I had not given my whole heart to God. This will be easily remedied by turning from food and rebellion to Christ and His truth.

      Perhaps you are not a child of God at present. However you are still Gods creation and that will never change. He holds all accountable for sin, be they son/daughter or creation. You can be free of all that ails you in Christ Jesus. Don’t let Satan and his plethora of lies and deception blind you to the facts. If you do, you will only have yourself to blame and this knowledge will torment you for all eternity.

    • God loves you dearly. He knows your pain and he cares about you. He wants to help but he’s a gentleman. He won’t force himself on you. You are very precious to him.

    • Hey ac I really Hope that your doing well it’s 2020 Now it’s been 9 years since your comment and I Really want to say that Jesus Loves you and You are an amazing person and God Child Really Pray that you have made a relationship with him and Stop cutting yourself your Body is a Temple it’s sacred keep it with Love and Nourishment God Creations are not meant to be cut or overeat.Your Body is A Temple Keep that in Mind Jesus Lives you and So Do I Ac God Bless Much Love

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