What are you Hoping for?

Can you spot the attitude difference between two people who are asked why they want to overcome emotional eating?

  • Person #1: ”Because I don’t want to be fat.”
  • Person #2: ”Because I want to be a fit, healthy person.”
Hoping For

I will share the difference and why it matters in a moment.

Let me give you some background: I often receive emails from people who ask for help with emotional eating and weight loss.

They write detailed messages about the things that happened to them in the past or the difficulties they face in the present.

To help myself determine if I can assist them, I’ve devised a simple test.

This test is based on some words the Lord said to Abram (later renamed Abraham).

Before the Lord told Abram He was giving him the land of Canaan as an inheritance, the Lord asked Abram to do something first.

Here are the words, found in Genesis 13:14-17:

And the Lord said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him: “Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are—northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever. And I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth; so that if a man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendants also could be numbered. Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you.”

Did you catch what the Lord told Abram to do first?

Actually, it was a combination of things. And both things were related to Abram’s ability to hope.

Here is a simple test that will help me make a point:

1. Stand up with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

2. Look down at the floor between your feet. Pick out a point between your feet to keep your eyes fixed upon. Pretend that point is a painful incident from your past.

3. Start to walk forward, but do not lift up your head. You must keep your eyes fixed on the point you picked.

Even as you walk forward, do not take your eyes off that original point. Remember, you must keep your head down.

How far forward did you get? Not very far, did you?

To be able to see that same point, you had to bring your head down lower so that you could still look at that point behind you.

Or else you cheated and lifted up your head so that you could look back over your shoulder to that point behind you.

Eventually, you had to make a choice between 2 options:

1. “Do I stand still so that I can keep looking at what is behind me?”
2.“Do I lift up my eyes, look forward and move forward?”

Many people have made that first choice, whether they admit it or not.

Define yourself

For people who remain fixated on the past, I cannot assist them. So my test involves determining if that person can see from the place where they are to where they are committed to go.

Here is the difference in the 2 people’s attitude mentioned at the beginning:

Person #1’s way of seeing things comes from the diet mentality – they change their habits just to escape from being overweight, making themselves feel victimized and deprived.

Eventually, they will sabotage themselves because how we see ourselves determines how we treat ourselves.

Person #1 made a critical mistake: They defined themselves by what they don’t want!

But Person #2 sees things differently.

Their vision is about moving forward – becoming a fit, healthy person so they can enjoy their lives more and impact other people’s lives positively, which makes them feel empowered.

Which would you rather be?

So back to my original question:

  • What do you hope for?
  • What do you see – the things behind or ahead?

For those who are believing for an outcome based on God’s promises, take a moment to post your vision in the Comments section.

But I have one more request. Write it as if it has already happened.

Write as if your vision is already fulfilled in your present experience.

I want your vision to be so detailed that you can see how your life has changed from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.

I am looking forward to reading about what you are hoping for!

Be Blessed with Health, Healing, and Wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor

Author of the Take Back Your Temple program

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“Prayer for Weight Loss”

About the author 

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor is a certified Christian life coach and has a heart to help others struggling with emotional eating and weight loss. Once 240 pounds and a size 22, she can testify of God’s goodness and healing power to overcome. She lost 85 pounds as a result of implementing techniques to overcome emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Kim is the author of "The Take Back Your Temple Program," which teaches Christians how to take control of their weight God's way and the books "The Weight Loss Scriptures" and "The Weight Loss Prayers."

Kim has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Charisma Magazine and on CBN’s 'The 700 Club' television program.

  • Lord, I have always felt like my weight problem is a stronghold. I want to be healthy and whole so that I can glorify you in my body and be a testimony that your word works in every area of our lives. Thank you for giving me the strength to break this cycle and to be able to show my daughter how to also take back her temple. In Jesus name, Amen!

  • I thank God for giving me a healthy temple. Thank you God for total healing and restoration so I can fulfill your Purpose and Will. Thank you Father for allowing me to represent you and your Kingdom that will lead people to you. Amen❤️

  • I want to be healthier, so I feel more like participating in our church activities, to be able to play with my small grandchildren and great grandchildren, but most of all to live by God’s will not my will and to be able to get this extra cargo off my hips and knees.

  • I want to be an obedient bond slave of Jesus Christ who is a happy, healthy sized wife, mother and Mimi, who is not distracted or depressed because of her weight:)

  • I am hoping to have a healthy weight so as to not get diabetes like my dad or hypertension like mom. I hope to look nice in my clothes and not be embarrassed at trade shows when people who haven’t seen me in two years see me once again.

  • I have regained a healthy body weight by taking back my temple and letting The armor of God defeat my strongholds.

  • I see me as God sees me. I am healthy. I am energetic. I am passionate. I am quick and don’t breathe hard from going up the stairs. I desire to eat only that which nourishes me, and not to gorge. I am victorious through Christ.

    • Amen, Jordan – I am agreeing with you on this. May it be according to the Lord’s word day by day as you do what He leads you to do 🙂

    • Hi Nancy – you WILL be victorious. See each day as a building block, renovating your temple and remove stumbling blocks in the way. You can do this with God’s help 🙂

  • You asked what am I hoping for? I’m hoping to be physically able to steward well all that Father has entrusted to me.

  • I am hoping for days with an abundance of energy. Days when I initiate the family walks and adventures. Days when I easily grab an outfit from my closet and feel great when I get dressed. Days at the pool when I feel confident in my body. Days when my kids are proud of the way I look. Playing sand volleyball at he beach and having fun.

    • Great goals, Rosie! The next question is, in what small ways can you start enjoying these things NOW? Many people think they have to go from 0 – 60 immediately, however, there are numbers 1-59 in the middle and you can start anywhere you like. A 5-minute walk with your family for example is one way you can enjoy fellowship, but build up from there. Proverbs 13:12 says, Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” So, what can you do to fulfill these desires today. When you see yourself making progress, no matter how small, that provides inspiration to keep going 🙂

  • I am in my yard planting, watering, and tending my flowers. The yard is so beautiful! I am able to work for hours, just enjoying the birds and the wonderful smells of nature. My knees and back are not hurting and my breathing is not labored. I can get down on the ground and get back up with limited trouble. Oh, what a beautiful day!! Thank You, Lord, for helping me to take back my temple!!!

    • Amen, Valerie – such a wonderful vision and may it be to you according to the the word of the Lord!

  • • What are you hoping for? I have good health, spiritual strength, joy, and godly focus. As a result, I am a better wife, artist and persevering Christian. I help others and am completing the ministry God assigned to me to exercise my intercessory gifting.
    • What do you see – the things behind or ahead? I look ahead to Jesus and let the past go.

  • I am walking in complete freedom from anything related to food. I thank God that fear has no hold on me. I feel great in my body, full of energy, deep restful sleep, my clothes fit nicely and I have clarity of mind and can remember Gods word so well. My mind and body are in a constant state of peace because I understand deep in my heart that God is for me, always with me and is leading me to victory. I have extra time to help other women live in divine health. Homeschooling my children brings me the greatest joy and my husband has accepted Christ. We serve the Lord together as a family. I’m so thankful for the truth in Gods word setting me free and working through me to help others know Him better. Glory to God

  • Hi Kimberly,

    Praise The Lord for He is faithful!

    I’ve been standing and believing God’s promises in the area of my health. I use to be 100 pounds overweight, but today I’m happy to say that with His help I’m in good health and 100 lbs lighter. I can now walk a good distance without being short of breath or in pain. Also I don’t take five kinds of medications anymore praise God! I feel so much better emotionally, physically and spiritually! The promise that I have been standing on by faith and believing is,

    Matthew 19:26 With God all things are possible!

  • At my last appointment, my doctor told me I needed to lose weight and weighed me. He didn’t tell me HOW to lose weight but gave me a few simple exercises. The last doctor I had, told me if I found out how to lose weight as a senior on several weight-inducing medications, to let her know. Sigh. It seemed impossible. After trying portion control and gentle exercise for about a month, I came across the Take Back Your Temple courses. When I saw that it gets at the root of things, incorporates spiritual warfare, dependence on God, and all the other benefits it offers, I decided to make an investment in myself for the rest of my life. I joined.
    What I want is to be the healthiest me I can be in all aspects that entail—health, weight, relational, ministry, intimacy with the Lord, emotional, better spiritual warfare, and all the rest of the tools I need to achieve it. I also want to be a better person all the way around– I want to love my neighbors better. I want to serve widows and orphans. I want to be more effective in my prayer and art ministries. I want to be closer to the Lord. I want to minister to my husband better.
    I see wonderful things to gain in this course by putting spiritual, physical, and mental muscle into it by pressing into and relying on the Lord to help me. I want to see God work in my life with His Jeremiah 29:11 promise to– ”prosper me and not to harm me,” and by ”giving me hope and a future. “ Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayer for better health in all ways! Thank you for your promise to give me life, and life more abundantly!

    • Amen, Gladys – may the Lord bless you on your weight loss journey and you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers!

  • I am fit and healthy. No more fatty liver disease no more acid reflux. I am living my life the way God has intended. I have taken back my temple!

  • I am praying that God will fill me with HOPE. I am trusting that God will help me forget all the failures of the past, and help me reach towards the goal with forwards vision.

  • I am financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically fit in all areas of my life. I’m forgetting those things which are behind and pressing towards what’s before me. My old debts are paid, I’m finishing my degrees and moving up with promotions on my job. My husband, family and I communicate lovingly and effectively. As we raise our children in the beauty of holiness in our new home, using our gifts and talents to glorify God In Jesus name!

  • Kimberly, thank you for your God given wisdom. I have your devotional book that I ordered several years ago. I found help from it & ordered my sister one.
    My need to lose weight is for health reasons. I am seventy-seven years old & have arthritis. In the past seven years, I have had seven joint replacement surgeries because my cartilage was destroyed from the arthritis.
    I have kept my weight at 155 which is good for me. During the Covid year & three of the seven surgeries last year I have gained fifteen pounds. Not being able to walk my three miles a day, plus staying home most of the time, the pounds are on me (170#). I teach a ladies Sunday School class by way of Conference calling, & also lead my church’s GriefShare by way of Zoom. My deep desire to return to my 155 pounds is to be healthy & have less weight on my joints & be able to continue to have strength to teach Sunday School class & lead GriefShare. I am looking forward to meeting & maintaining the 155 pounds or maybe 150 pounds which is better. Since my spine surgery & arthritis in my neck & spine I have lost about 3 inches in height. My height once was 5’5 1/2” now I am 5’3 1/2”. So I guess my weight should be 150#. I now plan to focus on the self-control fruit of the Spirit, which I have failed in this past year. Thank you for caring for those who need encouragement & reminders of who we are in Christ.

  • My faith and confidence in God has been restored completely! I am totally healed from digestive diseases, iron deficiency anemia, pernicious anemia, muscle deterioration, retinitis pigmentosa, heart murmur, insomnia, broken ungodly marriage and family. I am 100% out of debt and wealthy. I have a 5 bedroom home that is paid in full in a safe neighborhood where I raise my 4 sons and foster children in need of a loving home. I preach the good news of Jesus Christ to lost souls and continually testify of His goodness, love and faithfulness!

  • I see myself running around playfully with my daughter and husband, racing them playfully up the mountain with the fresh air blowing around me whilst we’re all smiling and laughing. I see Jesus’s light shining from us for others to see and ask about.

  • This is an amazing lesson .. Thank-you….. !
    I am free from the expectations that I will gradually put on the weight I have lost ..I am a new creation and will celebrate this ….I have taken my eyes off that spot on the ground and am moving forward…,”let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,” …I am running to win !

  • It’s almost easier ti select option 1.
    However on reflection it becomes easier to select option 2 as one wishes to change one status and not live in the past. A change of attitude is definitely required.

  • I am hoping to stand on the promises of God during this Journey to remind me of who I am in Him and make daily choices that will be beneficial for making me healthy and fit in body and mind.

  • I am healthy. I am fit. I no longer suffer from fibroids and anemia and can do all of the things I used to do such as go on longs hikes and runs. I have the energy to volunteer at church and I have a job. I have a job helping others become healthy. I also have a bigger house with more bedrooms where I now foster children from the system and am looking to adopt. To God be the Glory.

  • Wow, this was so amazing, powerful, and totally understandable. I’ve always felt like we need to address our past in order to heal our future, but I think I’ve been stuck on my past and not certain how to move out of it. This is a perfect example of faith….believe God has a perfect plan and take those steps in faith to find that perfect plan. Bless you and thank you! I want to be fit to keep up with my beautiful, healthy Grandchildren, that God blessed me with. I want to “eat to live” rather than “live to eat”. I want to nourish my body which is the home of the Holy Spirit so that I can live long and show people who Christ is by my actions and life!

  • This is one of the best things you have ever written. I am keeping it. Here us my answer…In regards to food choices..and health and movement…I dont worry about it any more because I listen to the Holy Spirit. I eat what he says for me to eat andxwhen… I move when and how He tells me to move. Sometimes we take ling wzlks..Sometimes he says..You have a very busy day today…Let’s do a 10 min TTapp routine before things get busy…I have lunch with friends and enjoy a nice piece if fish and share my favorite dessert…my life is no longer chained to food…I eat and enjoy my food and don’t feel deprived but satisfied. The Hily Spirit always prints me as to when I am satisfied. The anxiety I once felt is gone…my eyes have seen the face of the Lord and I rejoice in my Savior. I am God’s friend…that is what He says about me…Deborah Montana is my friend. She is a delight to my heart. We have Fellowship in my Spirit.

  • I have achieved the understanding and revelation that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is guiding me in my relationship with my decisions related to my eating habits and I am glorifying God with the way I am eating (and with all aspects of my life). I have stopped having an emotional relationship with food.

  • I am free from the control of food in my thoughts. My thoughts are only on the Lord and how I can glorify Him. I no longer look in the mirror and think I am less than what God made me. I am free from the weight gain that constant food thoughts cause. I am free to wear whatever, to run and workout with more ease, and to love my body again. Food is what happen only when hunger happens and I long for the healthy choices God has provided. I am free!!! That is where I see myself.

  • I am happy, thin and free from the limiting beliefs and strongholds that prevented me from taking back my temple for Him.

    My body and mind are strong and alert to any spiritual battle I am called to fight in prayer with Him.

    I financially take care of myself and others from the wealth Christ has blessed me.

    My thriving bookkeeping business lovingly supports my clients on how to walk in peace around their finances making wiser financial choices.

    As is my custom, I seek out God minute by minute – fighting and straining to ever deepen my trust, love and devotion to Him.

    The pain of narcissist abuse and divorce in the past I enjoy a loving Christ focused marriage I always dreamed.

  • I see myself free and fit. Set free from all the pain, guilt, and shame of bondage. Like an eagle soaring from cliff to cliff, resting on the strength of its wings. Together with the Lord soaring above worldly ways and holding to the vibrant destiny ahead. Adventure awaits and this eaglet is renewed and released to soar.

  • Hi Kimberly, here is what I am hoping: I am thinner, a healthy weight that God has chosen just for me. I feel great and have lots of energy to get daily tasks done, and to do God’s work. I am happy and at peace because I know I am following God’s will for me. Amen!

  • I see for me oneness with my husband!
    I see spiritual growth continuing because I’ll be healthy and fit. My clothing will fit comfortably so new clothing won’t be purchased and I can be generous with those redirected funds to help others.
    My cholesterol and my body fat are at levels that promote my well being.

  • The Lord my God has promised me blessings, healing and wealth! I’m blessed, I’m healed and I’m wealthy!
    The Lord has restored my faith and relationship with Himself, my husband and I are one with each other and walking together whole heartedly with the Lord and our children are being raised to trust the Lord and live the purpose He has destined for them. We have been healed from besetting sins, healed from sickness and diseases, eat healthy and greet each other with a good morning kiss and we thank the Lord together for His mighty love and provision. My husband leads our sons and myself in morning devotion with the Lord before we start our day, All of the boys are attentive and participating. We prepare healthy nutritional meals for our entire family and thank God for His faithfulness to heal us all from sin, sickness and disease and for helping us become healthy (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically) as a family, so we can help other families start their health journey with the Lord!
    We thank the Lord for His faithfulness with blessing us with wealth for His Kingdom to be a blessing to others for His glory!
    He is truly our Lord and Savior. He’s our fortress and present help in time of need and a faithful Father wanting only the best for His children! He is so worthy of all the praise and glory, forever. Hallelujah

  • I see a new, healthy me as I conform to Jesus and my God given weight. I see myself calling out to Him (dying to self) when the pull of emotional eating is strong. He is stronger. I see the “veil (and weight) lifted” day by day starting today and this upcoming week and months. I see a healthier me for the holidays and a chance to tell others about the ONE who empowers and strengthens even thru hardship and suffering. Lord, have your way in me. I Corin.2:9- Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what YOU have stored up for those who love you. Thank you for your promises!!

  • hi kimberly, my name is Amber, and 22. me and my husband and kids are currently living with his parents, his dad is a decon but dors not act as one he comes home every sunday mad about something and is ways getting mad over tiny things.. im a stay at home mom i clean, cook, take care of the kids. I struggle with weight due to issues with my back, my bones are backwards up toward my neck and mid back, im 230 lb and take anxiety deppresents, im struggling and half the time i dont feel like im at home. I wpuld love to get to know you more and your journey with God

    • Amber, my heart goes out to you. While you can change how your father-in-law acts, you can find peace in the situation until you and your family can move out and find your own home. I do recommend you check the following article out because I believe it can help you keep yourself peaceful until your situation changes: Healthiest Thing you can do Everyday

  • I am trying Kimberly…when I read your assignment, I realized I was at the end of my sidewalk. I have lived for such a long time, yearning for Jesus to return that I have a hard time living more then one day at a time. My husband is much much older then me. I like the job I have, but I could go back and get another degree if I wanted. I just don’t have a lot of interest in the future. I am zoned in to right now. But here goes…

    I am looking ahead at someone who laughs more. I am wearing a size 8 and I eat really healthy 85 percent of the time. I have goals that Christ and I reach together….like a fast from sugar sometime when everyone around me is indulging. I also eat some birthday cake and don’t beat myself up. When I sit down to a meal, I see Jesus looking at me and I am just sold out and in love. Food does not grip me like it used to because I am full of Him. He and I have strategies that we work out for short term goals in fitness, and nutrition. We laugh a lot. My knees don’t hurt any more because I have lost 25 pounds. I spend more time painting and teaching then eating these days!

  • I think I hold onto my weight because of my past. I was in an abusive relationship when I was much younger. My dad died when I was 10. I have always felt a fear of being left. Trying to get past all this has been difficult. I have been trying to dig deep into why these things make me fearful of losing the weight. I am waiting for it to click and it really isn’t. I’m not sure what to do. Is it that the weight gives people an excuse in my mind to leave me or is a shield to guard the girl who was hurt so much?

  • At first my life long hope was to get to my goal weight. More and more my hope is shifting, I want to be free from food thoughts. Being at my goal weight and having a mind constantly fighting with food is not an option.

    • I know how that is. I hate when I get in the losing weight mode because I feel like I have to obsess over it, which is stressful. Exercising 5 days a week and keeping track of everything I eat. I hate that it feels like I constantly have to think about it. I want to find a balance.

  • I hope for confidence to face fear of the unknown. Daily I will arise being God-confident that GOD IS MY CONFIDENCE

  • I Am 128 pounds. I Am because he said I am. I Am because I can. I Am because I will. I Am because greater is he who is in me, than he who is in the world and because I did It while Christ strengthened me.

  • Thank you for the great post! I love the analogy, and will use it in the future to keep me facing forward.
    I am hoping for my body being a living testament to the work of God in me: That I am obedient to Him, that I am honoring Him, that I am worthy of Him abiding inside of me.

  • I’m at work. I look around my desk space. On my desk is a grouping of small handmade toys with a small fuzzy dog, a soft rustic teddy bear, and miniature long-furred cat. On one of my walls is a good fancy wooden frame containing my bachelors of sciences degree in Christian counseling from Liberty University hanging on it. Reception has buzzed me alerting me to my next appointment meeting for the day. I go out to the lobby to fetch her and walk her to my cubicle office. So now, with me is a lady client. She is seeking help with her problems. I ask her for her story. I ask her, “how did you get to here?” What is it that she needs? What is something that she wants? As she is telling me her story of how she has had her voice taken away from her, I am simultaneously typing notes into her file. My job is to help her find her voice again. You see, I know what this is like first hand as it happened to me eight years ago. I like this job because my people are story tellers from way back. And I love to hear other peoples’ stories. It’s fascinating, rewarding, and a great opportunity to learn something as well as share my Lord with others.

    This is what I am hoping for, looking probably too far ahead in the future too, with my eyes up and looking forward. At this moment, I am desperately leaning into our Lord for the next step — finding a scholarship so I can start this fall. I have a deadline of August 12 to do the financial check-in step.

  • I’m a woman of faith and courage without old mindsets hindering me. I love who I am because God made me this way and need not be ashamed or embarrassed that I stand out in a crowd. My weight is not who I am and does not control my mood. I am heathy and eat foods that nourish me and contribute to keeping a healthy and fit body. I am mentally and physically strong and proudly represent Christ in all areas of my life.

  • Today my dream would be to live unencumbered by my weight. To return to my God given size ( 12/14 and 30-40 lbs.). That I would truly make this journey a priority as, by His grace, I have my marriage, parenting,longtime ministry and deep friendships with women. That I would be healthy and protected from heart disease or cancer. That others might see and draw close to Christ thru this testimony of His power.That if God grants me grandchildren in this next decade I might be strong and free to care for and play with them. For patience and daily obedience thru the stresses of life. I thank you for cherished prayer. As God would have it I woke up today saying this is The Day and He had your post waiting. Praise Him!!

    Trusting Him,

  • I am finally 130 pounds and filled with energy and enthusiasm. I am at peace with my body and with my fellow man. I can smile easily. I can wear all my clothing with comfort and grace. I have a group of friends that meet for bible study and fellowship. My 14 year old daughter is also eating veggies and fruit. We go to the gym together. We hike and bike together. Life is peaceful and it has a daily rhythm. My sister doesn’t have cancer anymore and my brother has sold his business and retired in Hawaii. I have sold my house and all the bills are paid.

  • I rise up from my peaceful sleep each morning and say a thankful prayer to our Father for his love for me. I will pray fervently for Godly intervention for those in need.
    When go to the bathroom to prepare for the day I see in the mirror a beautiful woman that is beautiful without having to wear a make-up mask to pretend ; (I’m beautiful and that’s why I have plans and places to go, people to meet because I’ve been invited)
    But I can face the truth that I have a real hope and a real God who goes before me, who puts his angels in charge over me to encamp around me.
    There’s no better hope that Love without fear.

    As I go to the office I will have wisdom as my guide. Giving me intelligence like Daniel to baffle the wise with simplistic approaches to complex situations. My strength lays in my weakness for God is strong when and where I’m weak.

    I go about my day with songs of praise to drown out thoughts of judgement and thoughts of self gratification. Spare time I give to the Lord and do not grant my hands idle time.
    When returning home I bless my children and listen to the hearts cry than the words of their mouths. I model how to live a transparent life so they will not struggle to bring before God and a godly counsel their struggles.
    They will learn no shame to speak of issues. They will learn no judgement when they are honest and forthcoming. They will hear that building a foundation of lies will never support any life for it is like a stack of cards laying on its side. Foundations of truth supports life. It flows with rivers of living water.

    I live a fulfilled life of emotional health.
    My partner will be attracted to the Light in me and I will not draw to myself those of the world. Our Father is my support and comfort I need no other.

  • I see myself as overjoyed with God’s grace that nothing can get me shaken. I am healthy and physical fit and toned. The muscles around my back has supported my spine, and my spine is restored. I can run and jog far and fast, and I can use that ability to volunteer in emergency situations or ministry or in hospitals. I am overjoyed and so in love with God. This is what I’m hoping for.

    • Believing with you, Michelle – this can manifest as you line up your daily thoughts and actions to line up with God’s word 🙂

  • I am emotionally able to take care of myself, enjoying my US permanent residency and moving forward to a more successful life. I will complete my degree in Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction. Be a disciple of Jesus Christ and help others to walk in peace with God. Trusting and believing our Heavenly Father. Nothing is impossible when you have faith in Him.

  • I am healthy, have energy and God’s clear direction in my life. I take time for God each day and thank him for all his blessings. I also take time for me and my family, I eat healthily and mindfully, I am accountable for all that I eat. I enjoy life and feel excitement for my future and each and every day. I no longer feel fear and anxiousness or that I am not good enough because I believe that God formed me carefully in my mother’s womb, and that God knows all my days and has plans to bring me glory. I will not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season I shall reap, If I do not loosen and relax my courage and and faint. Therefore I will trust God and know that this is a journey and that he has lots to teach me and I will be victorious in him.
    My husband and daughter and myself will be blessed and my husband will come to the Lord in God’s planned way. I will be a good example to my daughter and this distorted view on food and my body will not carry on to her, this generational curse ends with me. It is no longer a part of my family’s legacy. My daughter will have an amazing love for God and will be free from any of this “food and body bondage” and will live a life full of peace and acceptance in herself and her body just as I will be “Free”.
    I am at peace with my body! I love everything about it! I leave it with the Lord and do not obsess about it in any way for it belongs to Him. I trust the holy spirits guidance and rest in him.
    I have released my anger and anxiety and trust in God to give me guidance with my relationship with both my husband and my daughter. Thank you Lord for this vision for my future, as I look forward and walk forward into it I trust in you.

  • I am walking in newness of life, experiencing the abundant life Christ has given me. I am full of love, joy & peace. I have a sound mind, I am no longer afraid. I walk in confidence, knowing that I am a blessed daughter of God. My husband & I are experiencing the marriage that God wants us to have, full of love, good communication, honesty & intimacy and lots of sex. My child is walking in wholeness, love & faith. I’ve lost my weight and I will never gain it back. I eat in peace and only when I am hungry. I’m happy & healthy. My husband & I are eating healthy foods & exercising regularly. I am running further and faster each and every day. Thank you, Lord, for your abundance.


  • ‘My body is for the Lord, and the Lord is for my body’. My life is completely transformed for I have beeb crucified with Christ and it is not longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me! I have a spirit of power, love and SELF CONTROL! I wake up every day with a heart of praise and no longer a heart of dread and heaviness! I have been given the mind of CHRIST! I live for the Lord! Every time I eat I am no longer powerless for I put on the lord Jesus Christ and it’s such a joy to eat in peace without the anxiety and fear! I After all these years of bondage it is well with my soul! For He has done a NEW thing and the life I now live in the flesh I live through faith in Him who died for me!
    I am at peace with my body! I love everything about it! I leave it with the Lord and do not obsess about it in any way for it belongs to Him, I just look after it with the guidance of the Holy spirit for He and I have other more important works to do for the harvest is great! Jesus provides all my needs as I live obediently and He even delights in the little things that give me pleasure such as my love of animals and caring for my dog! The devil trembles whenever he approaches me! The blood of Jesus of Nazareth has completely redeemed me from his clutches, not a single weapon turned against me ever prospers!
    All these months of renewal have also been preparing me for the right wonderful man of God who would not have been attracted to the old Hannah but adores the new! Again this is in the Lords hands. Every day I am walking into the wonderful ministry and anointing that my Father has for me! PRAISE THE LORD!

  • Good morning, Lord. Thank you for precious time together this morning. Thank you for the lovely bath and getting my toenails clipped without huffing and puffing and feeling worn out. Lord, it was great to do my normal chores without the fatigue and brain fog–and the walk outside in the fresh air was a dream come true. Thank you that I looked to you and your peace and guidance for the relationship challenges of the day instead of turning to food. Thank you for my depression and tiredness being turned to joy and quiet strength. Thank you also Lord for 60 pounds released and for Kimberly Taylor and her ministry and their help. I pray your continued help for their ministry and all of us gals striving to walk in obedience to you. May your beautiful name be honored in this all.

  • I see my new husband worshiping together with me in song and praise. I see us praying for each other and together breaking strongholds, stirring up faith in those we pray for. Together we experience what marriage should be like in the eyes of the LORD.
    My sons are good godly musicians, handsome and brave, good soldiers and able speakers because the LORD is with them.
    Everything we do God will bless our towns, fields, our harvest, our children, the corn and the food we prepare from it. He blesses everything we do.
    I see our 15 bedroom mansion as a home for children who are rescued or saved from human trafficking. Using our prosperity to lift up God name and not our own.
    I see my elderly mother and father worshipping God in truth and the beautiful sea view they will enjoy from their bedroom because mercy and grace should follow us all the days of our lives.

  • Thank you, you are such a blessing. I have a friend that is constantly reminding me that I can not move forward as long as I continue to look back. So today with your verse and confirmation of the word I am speaking those things as they are. I no longer look back holding grudges for failed relationships nor do I blame myself any longer for mistakes I once made. I am healthier because I now eat right and exercise. I am getting closer to God each and every day allowing my light to shine for others to see. I am prepared mentally & spiritually for the man God has for me and my finances are blessed so I am able to provide for my boys without having to depend on anyone else. To God be the glory

  • I have kept walking with faith in Jesus all my life and together we have arrived at a most wonderful place and I am hoping to make peace with food and my body one step at a time . <3

  • Thank you for your message. It was a big eye opener for me. We all have a choice in life. It’s up to us what we will be doing with it. My hope is that i will understand the truth that God will give me for myself the way God want me to. That i will not be stubburn or rebel but that i will do what i need to do. I know that he talk to me about my portion control. And about doing some exercices for my body. I have a hard time with motvation. To stay consistent of doing it. I know that i need to do it. Physicaly i need it and also i need to see myself the way God see me. Thank you again.

  • I thank you precious Jesus that I have learned to fix my eyes on you at all times. I thank you that you have broken my habit of emotionally eating. I thank you for the freedom from all the lies, especially the lie that I need to “treat” myself because of my hard situations. Lord, I thank you for what you did on the cross and I thank you for the Holy Spirit who is my helper. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!!

  • I am seeing my husband attend church with me, joining a bible study class with me, attending church functions with me. Instead of him responding ” I think I’ll let you do that ” he is asking ME to attend with him. Praying and reading the Bible plays an important part in our every day routine.

    • Awesome Sheila – I will join you in prayer for this. While you can’t control your husband, you can “walk your talk” before him, giving him a good example.

      I saw your other question – Comments are moderated on the site, which means that they must be approved before they go live, which help prevents spam.

  • I have burned off the excess fat from my body, revealing all of the muscle I’ve developed that had been hidden. It’s time to reveal the true me.

  • WOW! I see my husband and our family praying and thanking God for His loving kindness towards us. I see my husband as a mighty man of valor, who like David, has a heart for God. He loves me and cares for me as Christ loves the church. He is an amazing father, who is a role model to our kids and to others. My king is a warrior in business and successful in providing for his family. He is generous, kind, respected by his peers and very loved by his family.

    I am a good wife, mom and friend. I am a good thing! My husband has favor because I am his wife. I am suitable for him and our marriage serves as an example that two are better than one. We make each other better and love to serve one another. God is the Lord over our marriage and family.

    My children are joyful and blessed because they that are trained according to the word of God. They are respectful to those in authority and sensitive to the needs of others. They honor my husband and me as their parents and enjoy long productive lives.

    We are a prosperous family committed to a healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about empowering others to experience total prosperity.

    • I LOVE this Adrianne! What you have written is the pattern that God set forth for the family to operate. Keep on nurturing the vision in your heart and do your part – and God will be faithful to do His!

  • I’ve let go of the past. Allowed the Lord to heal me. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. My family has come to know Jesus. We are healthy, prosperous and whole. Renewed and restored Dreams are being realized. I have found God’s will and purpose. Thank you Kim for following God’s purpose and helping us.

  • I see health, fitness and freedom from bondages that I refused to loose myself from in the past. I see a vitality that can only come from loving and serving a mighty God. My choices are based on His word and my desire to submit to God’s grace and wisdom. I see joy, peace and a contentment that is unexplainable to others.

  • My husband has a job. Not just any job, but a great paying job with great benefits. He enjoys his job. He is now the provider of our family. He’s using his God-given gifts and talents in his job. God is blessing others through him. We are now have financial freedom. We are overflowing in blessings from God. We are blessing others greatly with what Jesus has given us.

  • My family is living in a larger house and enjoying one another like never before. We are financially secure, and generously giving to those in need.

  • I choose healthy foods, healthy portions, and appropriate times to nourish my body.
    Meal times do not make me anxious.
    Meal preparation and clean up is not a hindrance for me.
    Thinking about what I should or should not eat does not consume my thinking or my time.
    I do not plan on skipping or skimping on meals.
    I walk in Godly wisdom and discernment for healthy yes’ and healthy no’s, meaning times for discipline and times for delight.
    I talk to my God all throughout the day, always before mealtimes acknowledging my need for His wisdom, and accepting His counsel as more than a suggestion but as Truth.
    I wear His Righteousness for me. I rejoice in this all day long.
    I handle conflict well, submitting all my emotions and my mess ups to Him.
    I am quick to learn, to turn away from, and to move in the direction He is leading me.
    I do not allow this journey to prevent me from walking with others in their distress or celebrating with them in their victories.
    Jesus Christ and I walk hand in hand. I trust Him and obey,
    We dance on the rhythms of Grace.

  • I am enjoying weighing 155 lbs. I am radiantly healthy and strong and have become an inspiration to friends and family on their journey to health. I focus on healthy food, fun activity, and positive thoughts.

    I am financially secure now and grateful for following a budget to pay off all my debts and fully fund 6 months of living expenses.

    I am truly free for I have rooted my life in Jesus Christ and know all my needs are met and all my dreams, that honor God, supported.

  • I have broken free from the hold that food used to have on me. I am no longer enslaved to the desires of my flesh. As a result I have lost over 100 pounds of greed and gluttony, I’ve given it all to the Lord.

  • I am hoping for a loss of six dress sizes by the new year and an improvement in circulation and stamina. I also am hoping for the ability to walk a mile without having to stop and rest. My hopes continue with better health which will allow me to rejoin the working class in a career that I want to be in. I haven’t really taken the time to think through everything, but I see myself NOT making excuses for why I am fat and accepting the fact that I am and moving on to do something positive about my situation.I am hoping to stop making myself a victim because I am the only obese person in my family and it just doesn’t seem fair that I have to “sacrifice” such delicacies as junk food to have a healthier body. My hopes continue with the possibility that I will gain insight like Daniel and see food as it should be seen- as power to fuel the body to do God’s work! As of now, food is to me as I assume liquor is to an alcoholic. Something to numb and darken the recesses of my soul as I try to conquer the fear that I will never tame this enormous body or hardened soul into believing that I can be healthier and smaller. And last but certainly not least, I hope to see me as a better Christian with a stronger relationship with God and using my God given talents to help others in this world in however many ways that the Lord permits.

  • Ok, so I have learned enough Spanish that God is currently using me to help others. God is showing me that I do walk in Him and I do hear from Him through this experience. Thank you God for giving me the chance to be used by you.
    As Always

  • Even though I am not yet at my ideal weight, with God’s help, I on my way and feel good about my success so far. I am also married to a wonderful, godly man.

  • I am walking in newness of life, experiencing the abundant life Christ has given me. I am full of love, joy & peace. I have a sound mind, no longer afraid. Perfect love casts out fear. My husband & I are experiencing the marriage that God wants us to have, full of love, good communication, honesty & intimacy. We are fully & completely fulfilling God’s purpose for us in His kingdom. My children are walking in wholeness, love & faith. They are fully & completely fulfilling God’s purpose for them in His kingdom. And by the way, I’ve lost 50 lbs. & will never gain it back. I’m happy & healthy. My husband & I are eating healthy foods & exercising regularly. I no longer have high blood pressure & have never developed diabetes or any other chronic illnesses. Praise God for his grace & mercy.

  • I am financially able to take care of myself and my son while no longer depending on others too. I will complete my degree in Healthcare and help others learn to walk in peace with God. Daily I will seek out God and get to know Him and Jesus. Eventually when the time is right I will meet my husband and we can grow together as a family while daily trusting God with our lives.

      • I see vibrant energy, playing with grand kids , being able to run!
        Dancing with dumbells, fitting into an aircraft seat and going to Israel. Training our groodle dogs with my grandson, having a hope and a future and my daughter fit and healthy with me doing aerobics and boxing together ❤

        • Oh Angela – what a BEAUTIFUL vision! I can see it happening too. As I wrote to another reader, see each day as a building block, renovating your temple and remove stumbling blocks in the way. With God’s help one day at a time, you can do this 🙂

    • Hi Takisha,

      I was moved by your post. You and I seem to be facing the similar issues in life. My husband abandoned our 4 year old son and me a year and a half ago. We struggled financially and emotionally for a long while but I always kept my eyes on Jesus. I have seen my God provide for me in a miraculous way…I can hardly type this out without shedding a tear and giving thanks to God. He has brought me so far from where I was a year ago. I am now two classes away from finishing my degree and I have already received a promotion at work as a result of furthering my education.

      I will be praying for you sister that God will complete the good work that He has begun in you!!!

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