Negative Thinking Rescue: 40 Day Challenge

Are negative thinking and poor body image affecting your life?

Feeling tired, anxious, discouraged or depressed?

I know the feeling. For many years, I was in bondage to negative thinking.

But God delivered me. And He can deliver you too.

40 days from now, you too can be delivered from negative thinking, feel more secure in your identity in God, and be less vulnerable to negative emotions.

I have to warn you; this may be some of the hardest mental work you will ever do.

But if you complete the 40-day challenge, you will be on the road to feeling better about the person God created you to be so you can do what He calls you to do.

I decided to write about this topic after reviewing all the past comments on the Christian weight loss website recently.

The site has been online for over 12 years now, so that was a lot of comments!

And I found a theme on some of the negative emotions people just like you have been experiencing:

  • Anxious
  • Discouraged
  • Fearful
  • Frustrated
  • Low self-image

How can this be? Aren’t God’s people supposed to live victoriously because Jesus has overcome the world?

Although I knew that mentally, somehow that message didn’t reach my heart. Then, one day it hit me:

The thoughts you dwell on determine the world you live in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your old ways of thinking were wiped out when you accept Jesus as your Savior? But that doesn’t happen.

You may still have mental strongholds of critical voices from the past, anxiety about your present circumstances, and/or fear of the future.

This explains how it is possible for God’s people to be in just as much bondage as people of the world.

The thoughts you dwell on determine the world you live in.

As a child of God, you were not meant to live under mental oppression. 2 Corinthians 10:5 gives you guidance for overcoming this issue:

“casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,”

This means negative self-talk is not meant to roam freely in your mind where it can wreck your life; you are called to actively take those thoughts as prisoners by the power of God’s word.

That takes work, patience and yes, it takes time. But the effort is worth it because…

The thoughts you dwell on determine the world you live in.

Just imagine if all Christians would take this one instruction to heart and put it into practice. We would bear Spiritual fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

The world would see something different about us and want to know our secret. That would open the door for us to tell them about Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!

If you believe in that vision, I invite you to join me in a 40-day challenge to transform negative self-talk into the positive using God’s word.

I discovered it on a wonderful website called the Ministry Tools Resource Center (

Here is how to start the challenge:

  1. Print this document:
  2. Tape it on your bathroom mirror or another place that you see every day.
  3. Pray to ask the Lord to help you regulate your mind, then speak the ‘Foundational Pillars of Truth’ each morning for 40 days. Check off the day on your handout after you speak the truths to indicate you are ‘Done’.

This challenge is about seeking the Lord for a heart/mind change. I suggest that you start an online journal or paper journey to document what the Lord is teaching you in this process.

I hope you will decide to join us on this challenge.

Remember again:

The thoughts you dwell on determine the world you live in.

Ensure that the world you are living in is consistent with the abundant life that Jesus has for you!

Be blessed with health, healing, and wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor
Author of the ‘Take Back Your Temple’ Program

P.S. If you are tired of trying diet after diet, losing the weight, but gaining it all back then the Take Back Your Temple program is your solution. You grow stronger Spiritually and heal emotionally as you are losing weight.

Diets can give you information about how to eat but they can’t give you the wisdom nor power to destroy the mental strongholds that are holding you back.

Click the link below to learn more:

Take Back Your Temple program

About the author 

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor is a certified Christian life coach and has a heart to help others struggling with emotional eating and weight loss. Once 240 pounds and a size 22, she can testify of God’s goodness and healing power to overcome. She lost 85 pounds as a result of implementing techniques to overcome emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Kim is the author of "The Take Back Your Temple Program," which teaches Christians how to take control of their weight God's way and the books "The Weight Loss Scriptures" and "The Weight Loss Prayers."

Kim has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Charisma Magazine and on CBN’s 'The 700 Club' television program.

  • Hi thanks for this article I am in a relationship challenges that discourage me to have Faith in God. But by reading your comment and others i feel alive thanks again .

    • You are welcome, Leah – when life storms come, we have to remember to cling to the Rock that is higher than we are!

  • I’m going to do this, too. I think it will really help with renewing of the mind. I got rid of the other weight loss programs I have because this is exactly what I need. And I have a lot of negativity lately and have had depression for years which has been worse with losing my parents. I also want to get myself in alignment with God’s will for my life. I am not worried about the time it takes but I want to make sure I bring the commitment to the table that I will need to keep going and growing in Christ. I am assuming if I follow the plan that things will change even if it takes time. And my relationship with God has to be primary as I know and you have shown also in your materials. I am looking forward to starting with this challenge. I’m going to look at it on my browser and copy it by hand. Right now I don’t have a copier. I am going to do it 40 days plus and let it sink into my head until it’s deep inside my head and hopefully also my heart! Thank you, Kimberly. I’m ready to open my eyes to what the Lord has in store! I will pray as you have suggested as well! Here’s to building better habits and renewing of the mind!

      • God just lead me to this program! I’m excited to draw closer to God, change some negative behaviors and lose some weight in the process! Kimberly….I could listen to you speak all day. Your voice is beautiful and your message straight from God’s heart. I purchased “Take Back Your Temple” last night! ❤

    • You are in the right place. Psalm 121:1-3 gives encouragement that no matter the area in which you need help, nothing is too hard for our God:

      “I will lift up my eyes to the hills—
      From whence comes my help?
      My help comes from the Lord,
      Who made heaven and earth.
      He will not allow your foot to be moved;
      He who keeps you will not slumber.”

  • I just got an email about the 40 day NO negativity challenge. I want to do this. Was wondering if there is a link that includes more information on the current challenge? I have several friends who want to do this WITH me 🙂

    • Hi Sandi – that is a great idea. You can just share the link to this article with the details. Within the article, you’ll also see the direct link to the PDF with the confessions they will speak for each of the 40 days.

  • I love this challenge, Kimberly. Thanks for sharing. I’m ready to start tomorrow…no, I’m ready to start today, Sunday, 4-08-2018.
    I’ll start marking my calendar tomorrow…the first day of the challenge 🙂


  • I have been going through anxiety everyday for 2monrhs now. I pray n pray for healing and help. I hope this 40day challenge helps n help clear my mind of negative thoughts n keep hanging on to Gods promise. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for this. I am really struggling right now and keep slipping further down in the pit. I lost 110 lbs a couple of years ago and have gained back about 1/2 this last year. I turn 50 in a few months and was set to be down to a healthy weight at that time. Obviously this will not happen and each day closer to that day weighs me down even more. I have been a Christian since a young child and have struggled with depression and mindless emotional eating for many, many years. I felt that I am running out of chances and time to reach a healthy weight and to experience a sustainable sense of peace.

    • You are welcome, Lisa – I give all glory to God. There is no pit you can get into that the Lord can’t bring you out of! Psalm 40:2 says “He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps.” I recommend taking a few moments to listen to the song, “Jesus, Lover of my Soul”:

      I wrote an article a few months ago that I hope will help change your perspective on your weight loss issue. What you’ve described is VERY common. Please don’t take it lightly that you’ve managed to keep those 50+ pounds off! Celebrate it because it is not an easy thing to have accomplished. Now it is time to draw a line in the sand and set boundaries to keep that territory and start taking the rest of it back:

      You are God’s beloved daughter, no matter what size you are. Much love to you!

      • Hi Kim,

        Thank you so much for the reminders and kind words! I have ordered your e-book series and plan to delve in to the program. Blessings to you for your willingness to share God’s faithfulness in your life with those of us that struggle daily to find our worth in His eyes.

  • LOL! I went back and read the page after posting. I realized it was on the other side of the page!!!! Thanks! I’ll be starting this tomorrow! Look forward to renewing my mind the next 40 days. A very good number!

  • I want to thank you Kimberly for sharing your messages without cost. I believe that in blessing others, you are blessed. In terms of renewing our minds, I wonder if you have discovered Dr. Caroline Leaf and her materials? She is both a committed Christian and a scientist, and has much to say about the working of our brains. She has a very specific and easy to follow process for changing our thoughts from toxic to healthy. It is a way to renew our minds, and become all that God has destined us to be. You can search her resources on the internet, and itbn has videos of her program The Switch On Your Brain available. As a senior on a fixed income, I appreciate the availability of her no-cost materials! I am embarking on your 40 day challenge today. At a recent conference I attended, I was challenged to fast negativity, and feast on what God has to say about me….so this underscores the challenge for me!

    • Hi Diane – I have Dr. Leaf’s book “Who Switched Off My Brown.” It was very eye-opening about toxic thought and how they actually alter your brain structure. I will check out her online resources as well. Thank you for sharing – I know this challenge will be a blessing to you!

  • I start and end up failing day after day after day. The weight continues to go up. I’ll try the 40 day challenge. I just seem to be unable to stop myself once I get a thought in my head. I need to break this stronghold.

  • The Lord has been dealing with me on this very subject for a while now. I’m hoping I finally get this in my heart with this 40-day challenge.

  • Excited to do this challenge, I already saved the 40 days challenge info to my doc’s. What else do I need to do to register for this? Thanks Kim….

    • Hi Anna – Awesome! There is nothing else to be done except to follow through on the doc instructions. I taped my doc on my bathroom mirror and read my statements before my shower. Then, I say a brief prayer to ask the Lord to help me remember them and how to practice them through the day. Then, I mark off the day I completed. God bless you on this journey!

  • Hi Kim!
    I bought your Take Back Your Temple series/book, additional materials, etc. around last summer I think, and I’m happy that you offer one of the few weight loss motivational aids that keep God front and center! At a time within the last month or so that I was feeling really discouraged and frustrated that I still had strongholds that were keeping me from living God’s path of prayer and wellness, I received an email from you sharing the sermon, The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret. Thank you so much for sharing that!! It really helped me see the importance of my commitment to Christ, as He died for me, and that I need to do everything I can to take care of the Lord’s temple.
    Your materials that you have created, and other things you have shared are really what I’ve been looking for! A fellow Christian helping show other Christians God’s desire for us to declare His goodness and live it, is such a gift I’ve received from you! I am looking forward to using this 40-day challenge tool for negative thinking, and know already that God can use it to help me free up my mind and heart from such negativity, dust off the clutter, keep “sweeping out” His Temple, and shining His light! God Bless, thanks again for the materials, and have a fantastic week! -Stephanie

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Stephanie. Renewing your mind is a continually process and we all go through “lows” from time to time. It’s important to recognize when it is happening and immediately run to the One who can strengthen you and help you. Years ago, I used to try to get myself out of it, but I have learned that it is best to go to the Lord in prayer immediately and trust Him to help you regain perspective. All glory to God!

  • You hit a Grand Slam with this one. It is spot on and I feel that the enemy jumps up and down pointing his finger in what he perceives as victory every time one of God’s children have negative thoughts, listens to negative things, or says negative things. This hit home.

    Thank you for sharing and I am starting the 40 Day Challenge as of right now!

  • I hope this works for me. I have lost all hope to the point that I just don’t care anymore. I guess it hurts less that way, but I know I’m just killing myself physically and spiritually. I really need to get my head and my heart back in this thing!

      • Thank you for that link. I need to be grateful for the progress in the process and allow time for healing. You are so right in what you say. It’s like you know me. Thank you for your prayers it’s nice to have someone on my side.

    • Dear Jenny,

      I have struggled with my thinking for years and was in a deep depression for years. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 and struggle with depression and frustration frequently. Try to forgive yourself and others for things that hurt you. Even if you don’t feel the relief right away. Reading the word of God does help but something mental thoughts and voices in my head leads to negative thoughts and they try to challenge my peace through Jesus. When I prayed, God told me to think on Him and not on the problems. This takes practice but it calms me down and I start to feel peace and the voices of poor self talk and other voices lessen. You see we think things sometimes that come from the devil with his demons offering suggestions to us that can kill, and destroy us. I don’t think their are demons in everything, but I know they make me think that I am the one thinking evil thoughts. Some of the thoughts in my head are not generated by me. I have thought they were my creations but I realized that it was not myself. In Phillipians I believe it says for us to think on things that are good and are true. Jesus is our peace. Don’t destroy yourself it is the devil that wants to destroy you in any way he can, In the Bible it say the thief comes to steal kill and destroy, But I (Jesus) come to give life and it abundantly. John 10:10. Satan wants you to give up. I encourage you to talk to Jesus and be totally honest. He accepts you just the way you are. You see Jesus dying for us and forgiving us gives us the gift of eternal life. T/his life is not our home but God gave us this life and everything that is good in it. We do have struggles but it is our choice to choose to call out to Him and cry to Him. We don’t have to cleanup ourselves first. God is not mad at you for being down, depressed, or feeling like giving up. You do care or you would not have written the note on this site. Read Psalm 40 and 13. God will help you. Totally tell God that you even need Him to change your thoughts and desires. He will. You cant help yourself in everyway. Sometimes we need God to work in our hearts to get u to go in the right direction.
      We just do what we can and give the rest to God. Its putting our faith in Him to work out the situation. Even if means he needs to pick us up to want to continue living.
      Please don’t give up on God, He doesn’t give up on us.

    • Hi Jenny
      I know how you feel. I too have felt, ” why do I even try.”
      I’m going to do this challenge. Maybe we can encourage each other.
      I started back on a swim team yesterday. It feels good, but it’s been 30 years and 30 lbs since I swam this way. I’m the biggest, slowest, and not nearly the youngest in the pool. I’m pushing concrete and sucking jello for air!
      God bless you for writing. Let’s stay in touch. If I can do it, you can do it.

      • Michelle. God is doing some wonderful things in the people on this blog. I think we are both in a great potion to see God move in our lives and others. I have never posted online before. Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the response. I thank everyone for the encouraging words. God is soooo good!

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