Spiritual Growth

How NOT to Pray

Lesson 4

You’ll be shocked when you find out how some people pray–not depending on God, not expecting an answer and not in faith. Have you stopped praying all together or without expectation?  This prayer class goes over all the many ways NOT to pray.

   Audio Class - Click the play button below to listen.

Please note: These audio recordings were recovered from Internet archives after Minister Kathy Logan’s decease. Because of this, some resources mentioned in the audio are no longer available. Even so, we felt that others could benefit from the valuable nuggets in these teachings. Click the link above to listen to the class.

Kathy Logan

  • Powerful session! I walk away feeling equipped. I am now going to dig deeper into the scripture given to hide in my heart and expect God to meet the needs I cry out for.
    He has answered many cries of my heart and I stand on the fact that he is my rock, my salvation my protector and my provider, and I believe he will provide again.
    My soul waits only upon God.
    I do not have to manipulate.
    I will wait on the Lord as I dig deeper and get to know him(my Savior) more intimately and walk in contentment doing the will he has for my life.
    I will wait upon the Lord!

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