Spiritual Growth

The 10-minute Prayer

Lesson 3

What do you do when you’ve only got 10 minutes for prayer time? You’ll be surprised to find out how much you grow in prayer and in your relationship with God by just spending 10 minutes a day in prayer. This prayer class is especially for people who are new to praying.

 Audio Class - Click the play button below to listen.

Please note: These audio recordings were recovered from Internet archives after Minister Kathy Logan’s decease. Because of this, some resources mentioned in the audio are no longer available. Even so, we felt that others could benefit from the valuable nuggets in these teachings. Click the link above to listen to the class.

Kathy Logan

  • Last time you presented Kathy Logan, I was able and download quite a few of her messages. When I messed up my last phone, I hadn’t backed it up. How can I get those messages again?

  • Amen, God is a promise keeping God!
    Wonderful prayer tips. I found myself lost in the Psalm 136 praise.
    His mercy endures forever!!!
    Thank you for this teaching
    My takeaway
    Be prepared, focused, intentional
    His Mercy truly endures forever!

  • I appreciate this teaching and know it will be a great blessing in my life. I have not purposed before to picture Jesus making intercession for me when I was praying. What a powerful practice. I have often rushed thanksgiving and jumped into praying out of the hurt or the challenge. Not anymore. I see the importance of gaining the right perspective through sufficient worship and praise. Very grateful for this teaching and the verses that were shared.

  • Pen