Spiritual Growth

God Keeps His Word

Lesson 1

Can you trust God when you pray and ask Him for things? Specific scriptures are given that you will need to have in order to stand on in your prayers and help build your faith. Have your pen and note paper ready! This is a foundation prayer class.

    Audio Class - Click the play button below to listen.

Please note: These audio recordings were recovered from Internet archives after Minister Kathy Logan’s decease. Because of this, some resources mentioned in the audio are no longer available. Even so, we felt that others could benefit from the valuable nuggets in these teachings. Click the link above to listen to the class.

  • This class was a blessing in so many ways I’m an older woman and basically God has been telling me that I’m being reborn it’s like everything that I learned before is having to be changed and renewed and then on top of it all for almost 8 years I’ve been wanting to move and recently got has really been laying on my heart it’s time and then at the end of this class she has a prayer for moving it was like God was confirming this to me that it’s time and then I was looking for a prayer for someone else when I found this so God is on the move and it’s such a blessing

  • This sermon is a game changer. What a eye opening WORD for everyone. The confidence and reigniting faith that Prayer is answered because of God’s integrity (which is not like man’s integrity)… oh so good. I want to listen to it again !

  • This teaching is life changing. Being enlightened with new revelation of how to see scripture, and how reading is just not enough. I am so blessed by the words of this teaching. I don’t want to hear it and not activate it in my life. I ask for your prayers that i be successful in the needed in my life.

    • You have my prayers, Jackie – the fullness of God’s blessings are bundled in His word and I pray you receive the fullness of His blessings.

  • WOW – to know that God never has a problem with integrity is so reassuring! LOVED how Kathy broke it down in that it is NOT bad or “cocky” to be bold and confident when we come to God in prayer.

    • Amen, Teresa – He says He watches over His word to perform it and wants us to take Him at His word! Jeremiah 1:12 – ”Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.”

  • I listened to these back when the webpage was different. I can’t begin to tell you how these lessons changed my life. I forgot how anointed she was. It amazes me that even though people die, the anointing never does. I am back to start from the beginning again, and I pray it changes my life again and again and again. God is so FAITHFUL– it’s not just what He does, it’s Who He is. I need theses lessons all over again, and they are worth listening to every day for the rest of my days.

    • Hi Madonna – it is easy to get distracted and off-track. But the good news is, you don’t have to begin all over again. You are not the same as you once were, so just pick up where you left off and keep it moving. Life goes on and the Lord is with you every step of the way. He is faithful!

  • I recently heard the hymn ‘Great is Your Faithfulness” for the first time (version sung by Josh Turner). This hymn kept running through my mind as I was listening to Kathy’s teaching. He is faithful!

  • Thank you, Kim for sharing Ms. Logan’s teaching! This is exactly the reminder I have needed. I thought of Hebrews 11:6 as she shared the other verses related to our attitude in approaching our Abba Father. I have lost the confidence I once had, but I know how to return to that blessed state and I know this course on prayer will be my help and guide. I thank God for directing me to your website!

    • Thank you SO much for your feedback, Laurie. That really touches my heart. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you as you draw closer to Him 🙂

  • Excellent teaching and a blessing for me. God is powerful and never changes. I’ve known these things and have experienced His blessings and miracles in my life but needed to hear this again today. Thank you, Kimberly, for providing Ms. Logan’s teachings.

  • Pen