Spiritual Growth

You Will Know by Faith

Lesson 5

What is faith and how do we use it in our prayers? In this awesome prayer class, Kathy breaks down faith into a simple workable definition that you can start applying to your life right now and see results. 

   Audio Class - Click the play button below to listen.

Please note: These audio recordings were recovered from Internet archives after Minister Kathy Logan’s decease. Because of this, some resources mentioned in the audio are no longer available. Even so, we felt that others could benefit from the valuable nuggets in these teachings. Click the link above to listen to the class.

Kathy Logan

  • Thank Father God for this ministry, this lesson.
    You have the system!
    Have your way Lord
    I want to pray your perfect will for my life & those I love
    I approach your thrown with boldness & confidence full of faith and stand on your word without doubting in Jesus precious Holy name.

  • Pen